8 Years Ago

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Hi Friends:  Can't believe it was 8 years ago Thanksgiving that my colonoscopy revealed that my once thought hemorrhoid was a rectal tumor.  I'm doing well except for the bathroom issues which after 8 years don't think will ever get better.  I'm still going up to 15 times a day but I'm living my life according to my normal. 

Had my second hip replacement in June.  The radiation to my hips (because of the rectal cancer) did it's toll on the bone and therefore a total hip replacement was needed.  What a difference it has made.  It's amazing that they can replace a huge joint like that and make you feel so much better. 

I've not been on in some time and noticed there were a lot of new people.  That's always so sad to see, but I'm seeing a lot of the people on the board that I'm familiar with.  Thank you for your continued support on the board, especially to the new members.

You all are in my thoughts and prayers and wish you continued health and a journey that is tolerable.  For those of you just starting, the end of journey may seem so far down the road, but you just take one day at a time and hold your head up as high as you can going through it.  You will one day be on the giving end of this board and look back to your beginning as well.

Hugs!  Kim


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    I'm unfortunately one of the

    I'm unfortunately one of the new ones, but it's always nice to hear that there is life after cancer!

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    G'day Kim

     I am glad that the hip replacements have been of benefit to you. It would be wonderful to live with less pain. Unfortunately the damage chemo did to my kidneys has left me relying on powerful immuno suppressants to keep them going. My nephrologist has told me straight out I will not be having any surgery on joints or spine. Such is life.. Have a wonderful Christmas , best wishes Ron.

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    Time flies, even if it's not all fun!

    Glad to hear you are doing OK (all things considered)

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    im gald to see u well i

    im gald to see u well i remember all of you im michelle good health to u

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    Eight years is quite a

    Eight years is quite a milestone, Kim, I'm glad your here to share it with us. My pop had a hip replacement after resisting the idea for a while, and he was stunned by how much better it felt after surgery. Same thing happened when he got a pace-maker after passing out a few times and being hospitalized. He just marveled at how much more energy he had. I hope you enjoy the holidays....................Dave

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    Hi Kim,

    It's so great to see your big, beautiful eyes on the board again!  I, too was absent for a long while, but I've been checking in more lately.  Congratulations on your new hip!  May you dance The Bump for a long time!  It is sad to see how some of us are missing, and sad to see more people hurt by this disease.  It is also heartening to see how many are still NED, how many are enjoying life again, and how many are doing the best they can with what they have.  This disease is not for wimps, and everyone on this board is a warrior!


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    Yes, it is good

    It is always good to see our older members (not age wise) pop back in for a visit. 

    I am pleased to hear about your new hip. It is such an extensive surgery, and if you've ever watched on on the telly, I bet it would make you think twice; but I've heard from so many people how they have transformed their lives. 

    I am sorry the hip problems were all bought on by the radiation. Its one of my fears, also. I had such a horrendous time during radiation, that I'm quite convinced its not all over. 

    I could wish for you that the bathroom issues cease, but the liklihood of that after all of these years is slim. I still have issues there, but nothing like yours (I remember your past posts). 

    May you continue to enjoy the life you have, even with its limitations. 



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    Blessings Galore, Kim! Enjoy

    Blessings Galore, Kim! Enjoy life.