Cancer recurrence in throat after Thyroid Cancer


Has anybody had throat cancer after having thyroid cancer?  I am 2 years out from total thyroid removal and cancer treatment, but am having trouble swallowing, lump in throat, and sore throat.  This in addition to losing 1 of my vocal chords and sense of taste and smell.  I'd appreciate input from anyone else dealing with this.


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    I'm also 2 years out from

    I'm also 2 years out from thyroid being removed! I still have some issues and worries! Talk to your doctors about your concerns. It's always better to be safe!!! 

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    Pain in neck

     Yes it's been since 2010 since I had my thyroid removed and I haven't had an exam the last two years when I first had my thyroid cancer I kept getting strep throat they thought for about a year then my next turn the black about the size of a golf ball and I went and then to the ER  and the lady saw how many times I came in for strep throat this year and said she's going to give me a ultrasound just to be safe when she did that was for lymph nodes in my neck which were really enlarged sent me straight to their to your nose and throat specialist in at her office she immediately tried to drain them  would she could not so she want to take me straight to the surgery PS do not let anybody do an on guided biopsy since then they remove those lymph nodes and my thyroid  I got a divorce in the bed without a doctors check up my throat has gotten sore like I was having strep throat again I get weird seizures in my neck and it makes me where I can't breathe I'm on sedatives now and I have a CT of my neck and have four large  lymph nodes  and after having a thyroid removed they removed all but a few of the lymph nodes in my neck which ones they did remove the mist they missed so yes I'm experiencing the same things you are and I'm praying it is what I think it is my name is Jason and you could contact me at camper if you like to chat best of luck