new and waiting. anxiety off the charts


Last may I began having vaginal itching and had slight bleeding. Went to nurse practitioner. Had abrasions and cervicitis due to vaginal atrophy. I'm 58 btw. Postmenopausal 2 years. Performed tvu but due to a very large fibroid that I've had for 20+ years (measured 14 x 14 x 11 on tvu) it was impossible to see lining strip.  Went to gynecologist had endometrial biopsy results were no neoplasm. No malignancy. But she mentioned It was proliferative and shouldn't be in menopausal woman. I began using estriol for extreme dryness /cervicitis. And after using it very frequently I had sore breast and shortly after a light 5 day bleeding. Seemed like period. Called the nurse practitioner who prescribed and was told to cut back on cream. I decided to stop using it. Began using luvena replens etc. Thought I was doing well but 4 to 6 weeks later had a bleed like gush and over. Nothing more. 


Made appointment with gynecologist. Tvu this time couldn't measure lining due to fibroid. Saw left ovary=normal. Measures fibroid 5 cm transverse. My uterus was measured 6.5 transverse. Very confusing!


Had second biopsy done yesterday. Hurt much more than the first one. Dr said cervix was more stenosis.  Much more bleeding after 2nd biopsy. Very little after first. Scheduled for an pelvic mri on monday to hopefully finally see lining stripe. 

I suffer from anxiety panic disorder/ depression and needless to say I I'm dying from unknowns and what ifs. Any support appreciated.


Should I be doing this with a gynecologist or go straight to gyn oncologist. Sorry for the rambling and thanks so much for this group. 



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    Lorileex, please try to take

    Lorileex, please try to take a breath.  You  are doing everything all the wonderful ladies here would tell you to do, which is to go and get it checked out by a gyn.  He/she sounds like they are doing the tests to find out if it is anything and that is great and typically if the gyn finds anything they refer you to a gyn onc.  

    You are not rambling.  I think any lady here would follow your story completely.  Try and feel good about the fact that you are getting things checked out. 


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    We all know what that anxiety

    We all know what that anxiety is like!  I also think you're doing the right thing for now.  Good luck - keep us updated!



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    Hi Lorileex

    So happy you found us and we can sit in the waiting room with you.  It's always so hard to feel like you are doing nothing but try and just stay in the day you have- this wonderful day full of whatever we make of it.  None of us knows when the last day will be and it's important to LIVE while we can right?!  Prayers and big ole ((((HUGS)))) coming your way- do keep us posted :D

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    This is the place to come for

    This is the place to come for support.  Anxiety is so normal with all the,waiting,that we end up.having to,do.  It does sound like your doctor is doing the,tests that you need now. And you will be referred to a Gyn-Onc if need be.. and if your gynocologist doesn't recommend one, ask for a referral.

    Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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    You are doing exactly what

    You are doing exactly what you should be doing. Until the results are known it is hard for any doctor to come up with a plan. Let them worry about putting that together.

    In the meantime, you can do your part by putting your energy to work by building-up your strength (mental and physical). Walking and gardening are the two things that help me when I start to get anxious. You may want to try guided-imagery (scroll through the older posts - CheeseQueen had posted a link to some free ones), deep breathing or meditiation. Whatever you can do keep yourself occupied and to guide your mind away from anxiety and toward strengthening yourself is a good thing. 

    Good luck to you and please know that we are here for you. Kim