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Fortunately, I am a -- "SQUIRREL!" -- easily distracted sort, on a good day.  Add a kidney mass, seven months, and -- well, I'm sure you get the idea, both from personal experience and from watching me run to and fro, wanting to know, "Are you SURE it was a squirrel?!" and "Where? WHERE?!"

So, I have been distracting myself with LIFE and a lot of the crazynesses of life. A little bit of what it's looked like:  As of this past weekend, my Christmas lights are on the house and rigged to a sensor/timer, the tree's up and decorated. I'm working like crazy to sort, toss, and clean the house and -- "SQUIRREL!" -- even had some remodeling done (OK, repairs, but doesn't "remodeling" sound classier?). 

I've gone thrift-shopping for more comfy clothes, figuring somebody's got to buy those baggy Bo-Peep country dresses still lingering from the '80s. My freezer is stocked, my bed is on risers (cheaper that springing for a recliner, not that I have the extra room), I've moved furniture so I've pretty much got a straight shot to a bathroom no matter where I recline, and I've even scheduled a couple of group meetings for my home. I figure somebody will take pity on me and reboot the washer and dryer (No, that's not overdoing it -- I can happily or grumpily curl up on the sofa -- for once nobody will complain if I doze off). 

Oh, and FINALLY, my pre-op (may this really be the ONE) is tomorrow and my surgery (may this really be the ONE and get DONE) is December 13th. 




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    Joining the club



    We have all been there and done that. Hopefully it will be unevntful and routine, I would say painless, but I would be laughed off this post.



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    icemantoo said:

    Joining the club



    We have all been there and done that. Hopefully it will be unevntful and routine, I would say painless, but I would be laughed off this post.



    Thanks, Icemantoo

    Thanks, Icemantoo --

    I'm glad you AREN'T saying "painless," because I suspect I won't really be wanting to do any gut-busting laughing for a bit right after that "painless" procedure. 

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    Dang, it's about time!!  So, I've posted on this topic before....naming the little beast.  I refer to mine as Bob the Blob.  May I suggest you refer to yours as "Squirrel"?....or some variation.  And on another note:  I saw on one of your other posts that you're making chocolate cakes....I'm waiting for my invite.  I'll work for chocolate!

    I'll be praying for you AND your doctors hands, that they get in there, do what they need to with an expedient accuracy and get the heck out.  Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


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    Wow, you are rocking it, girl

    Wow, you are rocking it, girl! Way to go to be all prepped! Glad you finally have a surgery date. I waited forever for mine too! My date was December 2, 2013. Fun times. Although it is not painless....I think you will find that it isn't as bad as you expected! (I hope that is the case for you, anyway).

    I nicknamed my beast "Arnold" (after Arnold Schwarzennegger's role in Kindergarten Cop) My husband would always say in an Arnold accent "It's not a tumor!". It would get me giggling every time!

    Keep your spirits up! You are doing great!!



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    I'm so glad things are moving on this for you.  Hope all goes well with your pre-op appointments today.  Take care.



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    No worry, you will be fine.

    No worry, you will be fine. Once the surgery is done, you will be in recovery mode right away. You can start to look forward how good it will be a week later, the pain became the past and etc, that helped me to get over it and motivated myself to walk a little more. Now, imagine 2 weeks later, the beast will be gone, isn't that the best gift before the holiday. Hope this will help to you too. Best wishes.