My first NED

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I just wanted to share that my first set of scans turned out to be uneventful (my doctor called them pretty boring:).  I'll take boring over anything else!  They classify me as low risk so they are moving scans to every 6 months for the next three years.  Thanks for your continued support.






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    May there be so many Neds that it becomes boring.




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    Boring aint bad!

    Boring is Brilliant.

    May you continue to have many boring results on many boring occassions in the future.

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    Congratulations on being

    Congratulations on being boring, Stub...;)


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    Great news!



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    Boring Uncle Ned?!

    Nobody's ever said he was the life of the party, but he certainly provides a reason for all of us TO party.   

    I'm baking a chocolate cake (well, two, actually). I don't think they'll ship well, so I'm going to delivered them to neighbors.  We'll be celebrating on your behalf. 

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    Boring is awesome!!

    Congratulations Stub! 

    Now get out there and celebrate life. 


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    Great news, congratulations

    Great news, congratulations

    Have fun

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    Thanks everybody

    Thanks for sharing in my joy.  It is so much more special with your good gestures and comments.  Panda--good to hear from you--we've missed you!


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    Congratulations on the boring

    Congratulations on the boring report and let's stay that way! Cheers! 

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    I Love Boring!!!!



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    We love boring!! So happy to

    We love boring!! So happy to hear this news!



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    Cool stub

    May all your future scans be equally dull.

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    Coolness man!

    Congrats. Enjoy.

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    Boring is good

    This is great news it must be nice to be boring.