1st scans

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Most of you have been through this, but for some this is new.  In less than a week I will have my first set of scans.  Blood work, abdominal, and chest CT are scheduled in the morning and a meeting with my doctor in the early afternoon.  The intitial shock of my cancer diagnosis is fresh in my memory and still brings a shiver of axiety deep within me.  Since the diagnosis and subsequent surgery, I've tried to live more in the present.  I am purposeful of taking "me" time for meditation, prayer, and reflection.  This has been good, because my job (and life for that matter) can be extremely stressful.  I've also tried to savor the existence of being a dad, husband, and friend; inking mental tattoos of moments in my memory as each day passes.  The diagnosis was a terrible shock, but in retrospect it also helped me live better.  So, I'm not sure how I feel about my first scans.  Scared--a little; anxious--some; hopeful--a lot.

I'll keep you updated.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!



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    Scanxiety is absolutely

    Scanxiety is absolutely normal. I still go crazy when my husband does follow up scans.

    your kidney cancer was Stage 1, all odds are at your favor.

    Good luck with your scans and keep us posted!

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    Same here

    I am on the same page and I will be having my first post op follow up scans and test next Monday. I will also have my first chest X-ray, which I haven't had one yet (my doctor said he is so sure there is no met, not sure how he is so sure). My anxiety level is low at the moment and likely because I understand the purpose for the first one is to get a baseline after the surguery, but I am sure the future ones will be roller coaster rides for me.

    Good luck and keep remind yourself the favor is on your side!

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    Good luck

    happy thanksgiving . ..I have had my 4th scan so far last week all clear ....the way you feel is normal in time your stress will be less and your anxiety level will go down you are stage one you going to be fine 

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    Uncle NED

    ---wants to know if he can stop by right  after the results for some leftover Turkey.



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    I still have scanxiety after

    I still have scanxiety after more than two years but it's more controllable as time goes on. You become more and more hopeful Everytime you receive good news.i'm sure the report will be as good as you hope for because stage one patients have all odds at their favor. Do wait for uncle NED to give you a hug.

    I'm very happy that you could find something good at of this experience.


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    Very normal

    Very normal to feel that way.  Still very fresh for me too.

    Sending good good vibes to you!

    Happy Thanksgiving,


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    Scared--a little; anxious--some; hopeful--a lot.

    Ah, scanxiety. Dont worry it only lasts for ever.

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    I remember

    Tex commenting on scanxiety. And I have agreed with him. Having scans is the single most proactive thing we can do. All part of positive thinking. Rejoice good scans. Or an opportunity for treatment planning.  It's not the scans people are afraid of. It's the results.

    Like it or not, most of us will be getting scans for the rest of our lives. I can't afford to waste time worrying about them. They are never good. Not for the last 4 years anyway. My time is too limited to worry about anything besides the hope for new breakthrough treatments.

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    Welcome to the scanxiety world

    It stinks feeling the lack of control over it all, doesn't it?  I pray NED will be paying you a visit and you can carry on celebrating life & making memories for all.  God Bless.



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    The Scan****y thing

    Funny how there are some things we get anxious about because we have no control over them. Then there's all the rest of the time when we have total control over... not much.  So it's reality therapy, good or bad.  Glad you're doing more savoring-the-moment stuff -- it's a win-win, scans or no. 

    "Now is the only moment" really is true.  Not easy and it's challenging to live that way on a good day.  Keep us posted, both on the living-in-the-present-moment progress as well as the guess-who's-coming-to-dinner progress.  I hear Uncle Ned even likes fruitcake and last year's stale candy canes, but -- what the heck -- live it up and use the good china.  Or, if you don't have good china, at least get the matching plates / napkins / plastic utensils / cups at the party store. 


    Oooh! Noisemakers, confetti, garlands, table decorations, silly games...?