The end is nearing

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My wife was diagnosed one year ago (November 11th) with Leiomyosarcoma (very rare, go figure)

We went to Stanford for clinical trials that did nothing. She opted for traditional chemotherapy knowing there was no chance of a cure and stopped last March because it made her too ill

She has not eaten in 2 weeks. Sips of water for her morphine is all she is consuming. She likes the couch more than the bed so I have her on the our couch in the Living Room (where my first wife died of cancer in 2010)

This feels like some cruel gothic novel, and I will forever wonder why? Why again?

She is pale, clammy, urine is copper colored.

I am going to lose her soon.

Sometimes, life is just not fair and it can be very cruel



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    Yes, you are right

    Life can be very cruel, David.

    Prayers lifted for Grace during this very difficult time.

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    Thoughts and prayers

    My thoughts and prayers to you and your family.  I am so sorry.  That just isn't fair.  

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    So Sorry

    David I am so sorry that you must go thru this again.  Yes life can be very cruel sometimes.  Makes me question so much and I am sure at times you do too. Please take care of yourself and your needs in this time as I know her needs are met. Peace to both you and her at this difficult time.

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    My thoughts are with you David

    Peace and comfort to you both


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    So sorry...

    David, I'm so sorry to hear that you're both going through this, your wife as cancer patient and you (again) as care-giver.  Indeed, this is one of those times where life isn't fair and is in fact downright cruel. 

    May reflecting on the good times you've had together give you glimpses of peace.

    Much love to you both at this difficult time