Hang in there


A year ago today I got a call from my Dr. w/ the biopsy results telling me I had stage 4 tonsil cancer at age 44.  I have a family which included three children ages 13, 6 & 4 (at the time).  It ruined our Thanksgiving to say the least.  As all of you know, many horrible thoughts and concerns consumed our live when you were diagnosed or waiting to figure out what was next.  It was such a tough time.  At the same time, I found this and another cite with great people who helped me.  Here I am a year later, thankful.  It was a tough year no doubt.  Down right crappy to be honest.  Many times along the way I was tested.  Today I took off work to enjoy the day with my family and reflect on where I am and what has happened.  I just want to tell everyone on here, if you are recenlty diagnosed or currently in treatment or recovery, keep fighting.  It is worth it.  Dec. 21st will be 1 years since I started my treatment.  I had chemo and 35 radiations.  While I have side effects, and have trouble eating, honestly if I did not improve at all from how I feel today, I would be okay with how I am living.  The best part is: I now have a much better perspective on life.  I have eliminated all the BS and focused on what is important.  I live a healthier lifestyle, spend more time with my family and less at work and frankly you can't beat the smile off my face when I leave the house.  I know you feel horrible today, but keep figthing because life is so worth it.  It gets better.

Happy Thankgiving.