Help with recent findings

barronb Member Posts: 2

I have had a persistent cough for months now and was referred to a ENT.  He put a camera in to look at my voice box etc and said I needed to get a CT scan.  CT scan was completed and the results are below.  He has now referred me to a Thoracic surgerion. 

Could anyone help with thoughts or suggestions? 

  • Subcarinal lymph node measures 12 mm.  Left hilar lymph node measures 16 x 13 mm
  • Nodules noncalcified bilaterally, largest 6.1mm (one if right upper lobe, right middle lobe, lower left lobe and left upper lobe)
  • left adrenal lesion (21 x 20 mm) is not an adenoma.  metastasis is not rules out