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The journey for my father in law is just begining. We just have the lung cancer dx ..no stage but its in the lymp nodes in the center of the chest and possibly by the face. He is 73 and has a heart issues (high blood pressure and a couple of heart attacks). While I am very aware that every journey is different ( I am St 4 colon NED for almost 7 yrs ) can any one give me a heads up on whats coming for him. When my mom passed in 89 of st 4 lung cancer it was 2 1/2 months from dx to passing. I need to know there is some more hope than it was in 89. 

Thanks Lisa.... a sad daughter


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    Welcome to the lung boards.
    Things have improved immeasurably since 1989. In the last 1.5 years we've seen seven new targeted therapies and precision therapies receive approval. The drug Keytruda, that helped Jimmy Carter so much for his a stage 4 melanoma with mets to brain has recently been approved for first line treatment in lung cancer.