3 month post PET inconclusive / biopsy conclusive


For those of you who know my story, radiation and chemo treatments for Stage IV tonsil cancer ended on 7/15/16.  My 3 month post treatment PET was performed on 10/14/16. The results showed a 4.6 SUV in an area where part of my tongue was removed.  The docs could not conclusively determine whether this was radiated tissue or signs of cancer still in the tongue.  I had two options .... 1) wait until 6-month PET or 2) do biopsy to determine for sure.  I chose option 2 as I was ready to put this behind me.  Biopsy was performed on 11/11/16.

Biopsy came back negative .... cancer free at this time.  So happy. 

As I have stated before, I so appreciate the help everyone has provided to me during this time.  You guys are all wonderful!!!



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    That is a hard and stressful way to get a NED, congratulations.


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    Great news, Freddie! You made

    Great news, Freddie! You made the right choice by finding out now!