Well this is awful!!! Help!

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Im not even 12 hours post op,still in the hospital and in the most awful pain. Is there a concoction that works!?!?! 



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    Tell your nurse about it and

    Tell your nurse about it and they likely able to give you something stronger. The pain is bad especially on the first couple days, and it will be a lot better after day two. I find walking works the best for me, 10/15 mins every couple hours (make sure your nurse says your are ready). My ipad did a good job distracting me from the pain. Try to use pillows to keep yourself from moving to minimize the pain while sleeping.

    Don't worry, the worst part is over. Good luck and speedy recovery! 

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    I've had morphine, dilauded and Percocet and nothing is helping.

    All it has given me is a headache.

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    CCope81 said:

    I've had morphine, dilauded and Percocet and nothing is helping.

    All it has given me is a headache.

    Those first couple days


    -can be really bad. Everyday will get a little better with maybe a bad day in between.




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    Did anyone get a good concoction?

    Anything that works? 

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    CCope81 said:

    Did anyone get a good concoction?

    Anything that works? 

    Too much concoction


    Too much pain killer is not a good thing. Also talk to the doctor (not just the nurse) to make sure there are no other issues. What was that about being back to normal affter 12 days? Healing takes a while.




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    Hang in there.

    No easy way out of the pain. I'm lucky because I had (have) a fierce advocate, my wife. I spent several hours in severe pain, but she made sure it was as little as possible.

    You've got a "nurse" button. Use it. ;)


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    So sorry hon. BUT is it that

    So sorry hon. BUT is it that GAS I mentioned? It IS very, very painful and most meds cannot touch it because its outside the intestinal track. It does last for a few days..

    MOVEMENT helps. Also are you using ice? I thought you had the robatic/laproscopic incisions where ice really help.s

    Keep us informed. Hope you get relief soon.

    HUGS, Jan

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    You might ask for Ofirmev, it's IV Tylenol and when I've given this to patient it has always helped.  You might also see if fentanyl would be appropriate was well.  But I think it's safe to say the opioid pain meds are not helping so fentanyl may not help. 


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    If your pain is over 5 and you ask for it

    They will give you morphine. Wave  that pain goodbye. It will pass, I promise you.

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    CCope81 said:

    Did anyone get a good concoction?

    Anything that works? 

    OK. This is going to sound a bit crazy

    When pain became all embracingly bad. I tried something I learned from Hypnosis ( an early hobby) and also found in a book on Zen buddhism.

    Shut your eyes and wait for your consciousness to settle. It will probably come to rest just in front of and above your eyes. It is possible to deliberately move yourself to that space, which being noncorporial will feel no pain. You can then watch your pain getting on with what its doing without actually feeling it.

    Alternately, you can take your pain (which I always imagined as a ball of fire) and place it there outside your body where you can study it at will.

    Drugs help as well

    (ps I dont do this mystic flibberty-flab, so dont tell anyone I told you) But it works.

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    Ask for ice packs. Sound crazy but might work

    see if you can ice. Not your incision but your back. Sounds crazy but might work. 

    BE AGGRESSIVE with your REQUESTS for additional support for pain management. 

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    Check The TV...

    For a meditation channel. 

    After waking in recovery w/ severe nausea, I refused pain meds the 1st night. (afraid of retching and ripping things apart)

    I don't think I could have done it without that channel - it was still a long damn night. 

    My husband arrived in the morning, looked at the TV and said Who Watches This Crap? LOL Men!  : )

    Best wishes for quick healing. 

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    I do not remember the day after the surgery

    Actually, I remember bits and pieces...the pain was horrible. Could not be managed.  I remember that people were there visiting, and I was hot and in pain.  I tried to watch a baseball game, but could not.  I would hit the pain button, get relief, fall asleep for (what seemed like) hours, wake up in agony, and discover I had been asleep only about 2 minutes, and I three minutes until I could get more meds.

    I am really sorry it is like this for you.  I will say, it gets better.  For me, by day three, I was at a manageable level of pain (i.e., not 100% agony).  By day I0 was off the good pills, home, and moving a bit.  And was allowed to drive (once I was off the pills).  


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    Ccope --

    I'm impressed that you're able to make contact with the outside world with all that pain.  Hope by now you've found some relief.  I've found a heating pad on my feet has sometimes helped for I'm-gonna-scream-'cause-I-can't-take-it-no-more pain, with the rest of me wrapped up snugly in a soft fairly cuddly blanket of some kind. 

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    Dilaudid and morphine didn't work for pain for me post-op.  Everybody's body chemistry is different - so they need to work with you to find out what works for YOU.  It's a process.

    During recovery they had to give me a combo of diaudid and toradol (Intravenously only) in order for me to get any relief.  It is my understanding that Toradol is hard on the kidneys though and they use it sparingly and only for a short time period.  I've no idea if it is available for non-IV use.  Within 24-36 hours post op, I was usually fine with percocet alone - and then percocet only at night within a couple more days.  Don't really like pain meds - so only use them if I can't stand the discomfort - which is often at night.

    Good luck and make sure they give you options so you can determine which work best for you.


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    Sorry you are going through this

    I had my left kidney removed a little over 2 months ago, it was open radical nephrectomy. I know that I had problems with nausea from whatever pain meds they gave me. But the nurses kept working and they figured out something that worked. I agree with others that you can keep asking and they will switch up the meds for you. Try to walk as much as you can, it does help. Praying for you, God bless you.

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    The worst pain I felt was in

    The worst pain I felt was in the right shoulder from the gas, I had a hard time trying to get comfortable, sorry to hear you are suffering with pain.

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    I take an exteneded release morphine tablet that last 12 hours it works pretty well for me.



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    Getting better

    Hope your pain is lessening. I've been worrying about you, if thats any help. I'm trying to remember my first day after the op. I know I was under the knife for 14 hours (it got complicated). I remember drifting in and out of consciousness. My family visited me three times and I remember one. 

    I was on a morphine drip which was set to give me painkillers exactly 30 minutes after I really wanted them. I guess I remember the relief more than the pain it relieved.

    I also remember being visited by Helena Bonham Carter, Kiera Knightley, and a woman who was either a nun or a Valkyrie. Thinking 'better safe than sorry' I screamed at her until she went away. I'm fairly sure none of that happened.

    Anyway, get better, and I hope you're feeling better already.

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    Hope your pain is under control

    thinking and praying for you...