No brachytherapy for me

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I finally have the final piece from all of my appointments 2 weeks ago: my drs decided that the radiation therapy (brachytherapy) was not recommended because, “while the risk of complications are is, there is no proven track record for low grade, mucinous tumors using this technique."

So no more treatments – no chemo, no radiation.Just healing.
Meanwhile, as of Tuesday (8 weeks post-op) I can resume most normal activities, though not really heavy sports. (No curling until the first of the year.)

Basically, I have to heal, and then pick up where I left off. Here's hoping I go at least 9 more years before my next recurrence. No next recurrence would be even better.

I am contented.


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    I pray that that will be the

    I pray that that will be the last of it Alice.


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    Forward we go

    I hope you continue to heal and that you have a wonderful next nine years followerd by another wonderful nine years with no more reuccurance. 

    Be good to yourself and enoy your new freedom to go back to your regular activities.