My husbands story

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My husband ended up in ER to ensure the pain that he was having was indeed gastritis.  It was in fact gastritis but when they did the CT scan they found a small tumor on his kidney.  We did not do a biopsy because they are only 80% accurate.  We elected to have a partial nephrectomy.  Surgeon made it sound simple cut it out and he would be cancer free.  It was a small tumor.  It was in the lower part of kidney although it was on the inside of the kidney.  Made it sound super easy and this would be the cure.  So a couple days after the surgery, surgeon calls (on a Sunday). That they did not find any cancer.  Yeah you would think.  Then come to find out no tumor  at all was removed.  Spoke to surgeon who said out of the 150-200 times he performed this surgery 3-4 times this had happened before.  Every time it happened the tumor was still in there.  Well we decided that it was time for a new Dr.  The new doctor was confused and suprised by previous one.  Said the doctor should have used an ultrasound to locate the tumor During the surgery.  So we waited 3months to get another CT scan done.  Everyone was expecting to see the rumor staring back at us.  Results no tumor.  Possibilities are it is hiding in the scar tissue or that it was devascularized during surgery and with the blood flow being cut off, the tumor died.  So we wait 6 months for another CT.  The thing that really sucks is his mom had something they found on her kidney, however she already knew she was dying and didn't want anymore tests.  So now we don't know if she had cancer and now we don't know if he had/has cancer.  moral of the story make sure you surgeon uses an ultrasound to locate tumor during surgery.  


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    Curve ball


    Heard a similar storey a couple years ago on a facebook post. All I can say is that the answer is above my paygrade. I hope you find a satisfactory answer and more importantly that it resolves itself in the end.



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    I recalled a couple oncologists mentioned that some cancers do disappear naturally. More frequently happens to melanoma and RCC. This happens in less than 5% of the patients at cancer centers nation wide (Canada). They believe somehow the immune system got attivated and attacked the tumor cells (guess that is the best explanation they come up with).

    Hope that is what happened :) Best wishes, Carmen

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    It's totally possible it did disappear.

    It happened to a family member of mine. Indeed it could be gone due to the immune system attacking it.

    Renal Cancer is one of the cancers this has been known to happen. I forget if the term is spontaneous remission or spontaneous tumor regression. If there was a tumor, a CT scan would pick it up. 

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    Praise God!!!!

    Praise God!!!!

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    CT vs Ultrasound

    If I'm not mistaken, a CT scan is a clearer, more reliable imagery method for finding tumors than is an ultrasound.

    I'm not sure how I would feel in that position; having a non-existent tumor and part of a possibly healthy kidney removed. I'd like to think it is better than the opposite; not catching an existing tumor.

    It certainly is a good argument for "measure twice, cut once".

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    My mom

    My mother had some hematuria and her Dr . ordered an ultrasound that showed she had a benign cyst to right kidney . Her primary Dr . Informed us that it was benign and nothing needed to be done . The hemuturia was an isolated experience and her urine test came back positive for a uti. She was placed on antibiotics . Over the next few months she would have bouts of hematuria and each time they would place her on antibiotics . In August she had another ultrasound done and it showed stage 4  cancer to the same kidney that had the cyst with mets to the liver and both lungs . We were devastated to hear this .So many questions and we have so many. What if .

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    CT vs. Ultrasound

    Based on past experience I will never trust an ultrasound again.  I had one that missed a 9cm tumor.  It was found 2 months later on a CT scan I was having for an unrelated problem.