Interesting article - targeting tumors



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    Thank you Editgrl

    That was very interesting!  It is good to see all the new things coming out :D

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    Thanks Chris. I hope they can

    Thanks Chris. I hope they can get it in a trial ASAP. Things seem to take way too long to me.... This sounds very promising...

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    Less side effects sounds

    Less side effects sounds great to me. 

    Thanks chris.

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    If only

    Doesn't reading about new developments like this make you wish your cancer had held off for a few more years so it would have been tested and tried and true to have been available for us? It's sure a promising development for the future, though! Notice how the article didn't mention uterine cancer? Sometimes it feels like our cancer is the orphan child out there...I know it wasn't on my radar at all until my diagnosis!

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    Wow, great article!  When our

    Wow, great article!  When our daughter had thyroid cancer at 19, they treated it with radioactive iodine.  She had to go on an iodine free diet for 30 days.  Then they gave her a radioactive iodine pill.  The radiation targeted the thyroid cancer that had spread outside the thyroid which had been removed surgically without effecting other organs or producing harmful side effects.  Her doctor said this worked especially well since it would kill microscopic thyroid cancer cells into addition to larger tumors.  I would think this treatment, if approved, would do the same thing!