Wisdom galore, Fox and others

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I had to post a message about how people on this board have helped  me and many others.  

Case in point, my 32 year old daughter had colonoscopy for bowel issues.  2 medium sized sessIle polyps were found incidently.  Dr called them pre cancerous and that it was great she had this colonoscopy. She will  have another in one year. We are waiting  on biopsy at this point  to see what that will tell  us.

Needless to say she is very upset and scared. I remember last winter when I was going through my partial and was very upset and frightened about the future , all appts and followups (cat scans, mri xray etc.)

Fox posted to me that I should look at it like this ,  "nothings going to sneak up on you now" 

Hope I quoted him Exactly!  Well I told my daughter  that today and I could see that it helped her too, just like it did when he told me that!  I often think  of the little pearl of wisdom.  Fox probably doesn't even know how  often I tell myself that phrase and it has gotten me through a tough spot and now I'm hoping it helped my daughter too!

This is a wonderful supportive group of people  I can't sing all you praises enough!, 

I wish you all the best





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    That is sweet

    of you Kim. But we need to look at things positively. We will be very closely watched in our future. Thats the best news we can depend on. Good luck to both of you.

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         Support here is wonderful and answers are heart felt because everyone is going through the same thing! Icould not have made it without the great support from everyone on this sight, the wise cracks and jokes are also wonderful!  Good luck to you and your daughter!

                                      Prayers for good health!