4th port

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well to day i get my forth port it worked for 6 weeks got dislogged and also has a fiber sheaf so its surgy at 11:45 and then chemo the next day

3 1/2 years im still here and so is the cancer 3 diffrent chemos and i gusse i 'll have to do trials next but im still here and moving i guess any day above ground is good im saying a prayer for everyone else wnd wishing you good luck :)


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    Good luck to you, too, Harley

    Sorry you've had so much problems with Ports. They are normally well behaved. I was very blessed to have a very well positioned (for the most part) one, that caused absolutely no problems. I hope its 4th time lucky for you. 

    I'm also sorry to hear that you are running the gamut of chemo treatments. I hope you get to stay above ground for a very long time, and that that time is isn't filled with the sorrows chemo can bring. 


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    Displaced Port


    Hope your surgery went well!  Sorry to hear your cancer came back.  Which trial will you be getting into?

    I have worried about my port because I have pain in neck at times especially if I lay on my right side where the port is placed.   Do you know what caused the problems with your port?

    I appreciate any answers you have for my questions. 

    Thank you,


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    Hope the port works longer this time

    I hope your port replacement went smoothly, Harley. My port was  placed in  May of last year and worked fine until a couple of months ago when  they began having trouble drawing blood but could still   give me chemo. Then  I had a really nasty pain in my neck and shoulder when they began chemo a few weeks ago and they sent me down for a flouroscope exam. That  showed that the catheter  had become blocked by a fibrin sheath so that the contrast refluxed into places it didn't belong. They decided it needed to be replaced.  I'm not exactly sure  what  my colo-rectal surgeon found when  he removed it, but he was uncomfortable with  replacing it and has set me up to have the new port  put in by a vascular surgeon.  I meet with him on Monday. Meanwhile, I've had two chemo treatments via an IV. I had veins blow on both occasions and a sported lovely purple arm for a while afterwards. I really really miss that port!


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    Four, wow. I'm sorry you're

    Four, wow. I'm sorry you're dealing with that. One was more than enough for me. Mine used to clog occasionally. The best one was when they made me march- basically goose step with arms swinging- up and down the hall until it unblocked after half an hour of fake coughing , swinging my arms around, and getting myself into strange and odd positions.

    Mine eventually started to come out through my skin so it had to be removed. I hope I never have to have another one.


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    When my port clogged with a

    When my port clogged with a sheath, they ran a line up from my groin and stripped it. That was the only issue, I wonder why your having so much trouble with it? Hang in there..............................................Dave