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(Please forgive the crudeness of this post)

Yesterday evening my wife came into the bathroom and she saw a toilet full of blood, and blood on the seat etc.,she freaked out.  She asked me how long has this been going on.  I actually had to stop and think about it and then it dawned on me about a week after I started taking the Cabo. Next came the question how often are my bowel movements like this and again I had to stop and think and said, "almost daily".  The blood is very dark and has clots in it, accompanied with diarrhea almost daily, although the clots not so frequent.  So my question I am posing to those of you who take Cabo is this happening to you, I have not told my med team because I just assumed it was part of the fun of chemo, I had a very similar issue with Votrient.  My wife is insisting I call my med team and alert them, my fear is if they decide to take me off the drug and the fact that it might be working, won't know until next month, but I don't want to risk losing a drug that may be working since the last two didn't touch my cancer.  She is threatining to call the team but I told her I would ask my brothers and sisters on CSN to see if they are experiencing the joys of Cabo as well.



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    I haven't taken Cabo, but I urge you not to hide symptoms from your medical team. You may have a dangerous side effect that is treatable and if you hide it, they won't know to treat it. Or you may have some completely unrelated condition that is dangerous that needs to be treated. Please keep your team informed of all your symptoms.

    My 2 cents. :)

    Wishing you well!


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    Your wife is right

    Phone your med team now. I know it is possible to grow fond of a drug as your only hope, but that is not the case. There is whole spectrum of treatments out there now.

    Your side effects are far from normal. Phone and be seen.

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    MD stat.

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    I called my Onc andhe  ordered a CVC panel and Iron panel work up, and has ordered a GI doc to take a look inside me.  That was fast I just called them at 3:00 PM Oregon time and by 4:30 they had me in giving blood.  My wife was happy that I told them, thanks to everyone for having me get that done.