Saw my GP yesterday!

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I saw my GP yesterday morning and asked her to run a full blood panel on me.  I told her about having to sleep 9-10 hours a night and sometimes still taking a nap.  Her nurse called me yesterday afternoon and my TSH (thyroid test) was 8.705 (normal is 0.358 - 3.740 uIU/ML).  She said the doctor recommended I skip going up one level and go up two.  She wants to see me in six to eight weeks to recheck.  I also talked to her about going to 1500 for my Metformin and she agreed although my T2 diabetes is still in the "controlled" range with an A1c of 6.9.

All my other tests so far look good which means I can stop some of the supplements I am taking.  We talked about other things and again....she asked if my leftover side effects are getting worse, staying the same or getting better.  I told her except for the fatigue, they were getting better although some, very slowly.  Hopefully the fatigue will get better with the additional synthroid.  She was very interested in the Metformin studies I told her that were taking place.  She asked how the acupressure and massage were going and I told her really good.  We also talked about my IBS and if the Metformin were making it worse.  I told her I didn't think so - the IBS is about the same as it's been my whole life.

All in all, I came out of there feeling pretty good.  My doctor urged me to get a colonoscopy and I think I will set one up.  They perforated my mother's colon when they did hers and it started a chain of events that ended up killing her.  That worries me for sure.

Hopefully in a couple of weeks, the increased synthroid will take effect and I'll be a new (wide awake) woman!!!  LOL




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    So glad to hear that your

    So glad to hear that your medical team is really listening and working with you to develop a plan. That is good news for sure! Hopefully you will start feeling the effects of the new plan soon.

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    Hey Good News!

    So glad you had a good visit, got some informative test results and have a Dr. who is listening and working with you!  I hope you are feeling better and better and wide awake soon.  Prayers for that colonoscopy history like that would scare anyone! <3<3  (((HUGS)))  How are you feeling after your fall???

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    It is so nice not to have to

    It is so nice not to have to write"I am sorry". Good news, wonderful.  I am so glad you have a doctor that will listen to you and work to get you back to normaL. I have a true gem and so,is his PA.  I am so blessed.  Hopefully your energy will start to return soon.

    Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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    So glad you get to stop

    So glad you get to stop taking some of your suppliments.  I think that is good news

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    I really like the good news

    I really like the good news stories the best.  So happy you are doing well Eldri!!!  Hugs, Maryanne

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    Wonderful news Eldri:)

    Wonderful news Eldri:)