The One Minute Cure

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I have recomended Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in several posts.  I really had not searched overly well because I saw a lot on Youtube, and my friend here has been actlually curing people of cancer with it.  So, I did more research and came up this:  The One Minute Cure by Martin Cavanaugh One Minute Cure.pdf

This is a pdf and gives all the information.

  Now, I have not used hydrogen peroxide very much as I had a very limited supply, and I spilled it, which was a good thing because I did not fully understand the process.  In the short time I used it, I gained 30% more strength in the gym.  I could not get 35% food grade here in the Phills, so I had 12.5 per cent sent from the USA which I just received and have started using.  The health food store says it is just as good, just triple the dose.  It is very difficult and expensive to ship the 35%.  This book seems to be very well done and filled with fact.  I am sure I will get feed back which is very important.  

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    H2O2 ; my opinion on the matter

    Though I am not a chemist, I do not think that Hydrogen Peroxide is bad for health. In fact our cells make the stuff when fighting bacteria or virus. It is not harmful to our "living blocks" including the cancerous ones. And for that reason it does not kill prostate cancer. Cancer is not bacteria or virus but an accumulation of biological catalysts involved in constant chemical reactions forming the DNA. These enzymes are sort of proteins made by living things that are not alive. Disrupting the normal process may stop the active reaction and denature the biological macromolecules, killing the cell. This process can be achieved by heat, acidity, or effects which disrupts the molecular conformation. H2O2 could cause a chemical reaction but would not interfere in cell's formation.

    H2O2 reacts with organic substances breaking it down into oxygen and water, meaning that it is non-toxic so that it can be safely used  as a first aid or antiseptic for skin cuts, mouth wash, etc, and in cleaning products. When in action it reacts oxygenating the areas where applied creating heat that kills bacteria in the process. It generates energy when in reaction with body sugars.

    I saw the video you sent me but it did not impress me as a PCa treatment. It may be helpful for those who follow meditation as means of cure. The article/book of your link doesn't explain details of facts. It writes a lot about conspiracy theories by doctors and pharmacists.

    Though H2O2 may be harmless, the mixing substances claiming medical benefits may notbe as good. These could be harmful and care must be done when tanking any. H2O2 interacts with medicines so that one should consult their doctors before adventure in its use. I do not believe and do not recommendfood grade hydrogen peroxide as means against the bandit.

    Hope my post is of help to you.



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    I would be very hesitant to undertake anything touting itself as a 1 minute cure.  With out substantive testing I don't quite how one would know if they're cured nor how a study proclaiming a potential cure was carried out.

    I VascodaGama hit the nail on the head.   It sounds like those wierd things that you see in ads on facebook that can cure or reduce cost etc.  Like Buffet's wierd trick to pay your house off......increase principal payments  DUH!