Insult to Injury


This past Friday I noticed intermittent pain in my left ankle.  By Saturday, I couldn't even walk on it.  

After contacting my onc to make certain he didn't think it was cancer related I was sent to the ER for an Xray.   Thankfully there are no broken bones. I was sent home in an air cast on crutches.  

I don't recall doing anything that might have injured my ankle and asked my onc if he thought the pain could be from Rituxan or Bendamustine.  He did not feel that either drug would cause this. He also mentioned that pain from the infusion drugs is usually symmetrical.   


I am frustrated and wondering is it always going to be like this?  I'm only 60 and am used to being so active.  

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    im new here but figured I'd share my ankle "cancer incident".

    I went through 6 rounds of DA-R-EPOCH. On my 3rd round I was going for my 3rd mile around the very flat oncology floor. It's only 18 beds so it takes 28 laps to make a mile. They offer patients click-counters to count all 28 laps.

    Me being a numbers guy, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!

    Any how, somewhere around lap 15 my ankle decided I was done and turned into the Grinch's heart and grew 3 sizes that day!

    The next morning it was back to normal. I only walk 2 miles the next day but everything was fine and it hasn't happened since, roughly mid-July.


    I'm not saying your ankle is the same, but what the nurse said was golden. She said, "I think you put your foot to far up cancer's ****!"


    I still laugh when I go for my walks. Keep kick'in it!!