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Good morning friends!

so I had stage 1 kidney cancer and had surgery July 1.  Doc said they got it all, it was like 2.7.  I have felt great since then.  The last couple of days I have felt kind of run down, stomach hurting and back hurting.  I was scheduled for blood work friday and all was good except my urinalysis.  Shows trace of blood and trade of leukocytes and my rbc was 8!!  That's the part that has me freaked out.  Do y'all think this could be a symptom of the cancer returning already?  I had no bacteria in urine.  I'm puzzled, still don't feel great and now so freaking anxious. 

Comments from the Doctor's Office

Hi Angela,
All is well.

Component Results

ComponentYour ValueStandard Range
SPEC GRAV, UA 1.017   1.008 - 1.030
PH UA 6.5   5.0 - 6.0
GLUCOSE UA Negative mg/dL Negative mg/dL
KETONES, URINE Negative mg/dL Negative mg/dL
PROTEIN, UA Negative mg/dL Negative mg/dL
BLOOD, UA Trace RBC/uL Negative RBC/uL
NITRITE UA Negative   Negative
BILIRUBIN UA Negative   Negative
UROBILINOGEN, UA 0.2 mg/dL 0.2 - 1.0 mg/dL
WBC, UA 2 /HPF 0 - 5 /HPF
RBC UA 8 /HPF 0 - 3 /HPF
BACTERIA UA Negative   Negative

General Information


11/11/2016 7:15 AM


11/11/2016 8:20 AM

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Magda Hennes, MD

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    Could be a kidney infection

    Sounds like you might have a kidney infection. I noticed in your bio that you had a partial nephrectomy. I bet since you have pain, and trace blood it may be that. Did they put you on any antibiotics? Either way, with a history of kidney cancer I would be asking firmly for some more tests to put your mind at ease. 

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    hi there 

    You stage one what grade are you ? mine are stage one grade two after 3 months of  my serugry I had CT scan then they set me up every six months ....you had your serugry in July so it's only Less then 4 months I doubt it's it has return you are stage one though . ...what kind of cancer  u have  is it RCC....wish u the best 

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    hard to imagine Stage 1 cancer which could recurr in just 5 months to the extent of causing blood in urine.

    When my 1,6 year old daughter had some kind of urological infection (don't know how it is called in English precisely), she also had WBC and RBC in urine, it was a clue to right diagnosis. She had a severe fever though. But you are also feeling unwell, so to me it looks like prime example of some kind of uro infection.

    please consult your doc, I'm sure he/she will explain the results better than us. In case od doubt ultrasound can be ordered - cheap, harmless and readily avbl option.

    But almost impossible to have recurrance in your case!

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    Don't Fret

    It is to soon to start worrying meet with your health team let them determine.  Often times very small amounts of blood can be found in urine  even when there is nothing wrong.  It is probably just a simple infection or something.  Take care.



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    Let your urologist know

    I think it'd be worth a visit to the urologist that did the surgery. Partials sometimes have complications that don't occur with radical nephrectomies. Get it checked out.


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    Follow Ups

    It's pretty doubtful this is due to cancer recurrence so soon. However, you should be followed by someone for cancer recurrence. Myself I preferred to be followed by an oncologist with RCC experience, because the urologists are not that familiar with metastatic disease and also because most recurrences will likely be somewhere else in the body and they wouldn't likely be the one to treat it. An RCC specialist medical oncologist is the best qualified to know where recurrences are likely and to make decisions about how to follow you (what scans/blood tests to do at what time intervals).



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    Cancer Survivor

    You we're diagnosed and treated for Kidney cancer. This is quite a big thing. 

    If you are worried about something: phone your Dr. They will treat you seriously and urgently

    If you have blood in your urine: phone your Dr. They will treat you seriously and urgently

    There is no good reason for not getting in touch with your medical team. ASAP

  • Champers
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    Bring it up to your doctors

    Your physicians need to rule out infection and urinary tract pathology. I have had trace microscopic hematuria every since my partial neph (6 years ago) for stage 1 RCC. It shows up on every single urinalysis I have had since then, despite a normal cystoscopy, normal CT scans, and no UTI's. My urologist and oncologist are not concerned, so I try not to be as well.

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    Thank you all for your input

    So I went back to doc Monday because urologist wanted another urinalysis.  Came back much better, so confusing. They went ahead and bumped up my scan and I had my MRI today.  I was suppose to have it in December, but I think we all want to go into the holidays with peace :) I will keep you all posted.  I meet with my urologist soon.

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    I hope all goes well, and I

    I hope all goes well, and I will be thinking of you.


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    For good results, how scary. Hope you have wonderful Holidays.