Hip/thigh pain

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I am in week 2 of radiation and my hips and thighs are killing me, anyone else have this problem? I am taking oxygenation ER 10mg every 12 hours and oxycodone 5mg for breakthrough with no relief. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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    I don't remember experiencing this type of pain while receiving treatment, so I can't be of any help, other than to suggest that you bring this to the attention of your radiation oncologist.

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    I am not familiar with oxygenation ER, or at least not in regards to this treatment. Did you mean oxycontin? That is what I was on with oxycodone for break through as well. My dose was increased not long into treatment in an effort to stay ahead of the pain.

    I do not remember feeling any measurable pain in my hips and thighs but am wondering if it is from the way you are being positioned during radiation and you are now feeling muscle strain. Prior to being dx I was pretty active and included stretching in my regular routine so when I had to lay in the awkward leg open froggy-style pose I think it did not have that pulled muscle feel that some do experience. Then again, my anal pain was excruciating so may have just masked any other.

    Do mention this to your doctors as they may have a solution. This treatment does not need any added challenges.

    Keep us posted and hang in there!