CEA level up from 1.17 to 2.28 in 2 months



I am 63 year old and undergo last Chemo therapy in May. I had tested CEA in August which was 1.17 and in October it elevated to 2.28. Although normal range is less than 3.0 (I am non-smoker). Is there something i should worry about for elevated level ? is it normal ?

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  • abrub
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    Nothing to worry about

    I'm a non-smoker, and mine has varied between 2-5.  Many non-cancer things can affect the CEA - any inflammation; etc.  The normal range is just that - values in that range are normal, and will vary.


  • kmygil
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    You're ok

    You should be fine.  This is within normal range and CEA fluctuates all the time depending on what else is going on with you.  CEA is a very generalized indicator, and unless it goes really high, I would not worry.


  • NewHere
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    Just One Thing

    CEA varies among people.  If you are being monitored, scanned etc. it is a tool.  Any doubt, get an MRI

  • Trubrit
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    Check again

    When my CEA rose, I asked for another blood test the follwoing week. I knew I would have to pay for it, but I had to do it for my own peace of mind. 

    Its an option. 

    Good luck! 


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    Don't trust CEA

    My CEA was 2.6 and I was just diagnosed with a 3cm mass.... Request an MRI to escape radiation