3 months post APR question

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Hi all, I'm another newbie.  Writing on behalf of my dad-he's 81 and has never touched a computer!He was diagnosed in November of last year and underwent 6 weeks of radiation with 5 days of chemo at the beginning and end of his radiation. He did great until about 3 months after treatment when he began having the burning, itching and pain again.  Radiation onc kept saying its normal and it will get better in time.  He got progressively worse until we were referred to a colorectal surgeon, who immediatly did a biopsy on the "crater" where his original tumor was.  It all came back as cancer.   He had APR surgery on August 10th. They tested 23 lymph nodes all came back negative.    He has done great so far in his recovery.  This past week though he started complaining again about butt pain when he sits -not that it ever was gone completely- but it seems to be a bit worse.   Unfortunately, he is not all that specific other than saying its not "like it was before", which as I'm sure you all know was excrutiating.  I do know they removed part of his tailbone during the surgery.  I think he's getting a little depressed and feels like he is going backwards again.  He is very frustrated. Has anyone had this surgery and does this sound like a normal part of recovery?  I've read it takes a LONG time to recover from APR.   Any thoughts? 



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    I'm sorry your dad seems to be having a setback in his recovery from the surgery.  Since I have not had APR, I probably cannot be of much help.  I do know from communicating over the years with other anal cancer survivors who have had APR that some people have a lengthy healing process after this type of surgery.  If that's the case for your dad, then I am really sorry and hope his doctors can do something to help him.  Hopefully, some of the other posters on this site will give you some helpful information.  I wish your dad all the best and hope that things will improve for him.


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    I am so sorry that your dad is facing this. At 80 yrs old the body does take longer to heal than it used to. While I do have an ostomy as part of my treatment for anal cancer (Jan. 2011) I did not have what is known as complete APR in which case the anus and rectum with the rectal stump are removed. I still have all those parts (out of commission) yet my colon was re-directed to form what is called a loop ostomy. For this reason, my healing regarding "butt pain" was minimal outside of radiation....which was awful!!

    It is though my understanding that APR surgery does take anywhere from several weeks to several months to heal....yet please do mention this to his doctor as I imagine like with any surgery there is also a chance for infection. My dad is 86 yrs old and I cannot imagine him going through what your dad has and not being somewhat depressed. While this all may be within "normal" range of healing both physically and emotionally I do hope you are able to get some more definative answers and help soon.

    Please keep us posted as he moves forward.