My friends mother is confirmed with Pancreatic cancer

Hello Everyone hope everyone is doing good and happy with your life. Here the case is my friends mother is confirmed with pancreatic cancer and its in advanced stage. Please let me know if there is any cure/treatment is available it would be of great help in saving a mother to a family.

Thank you.


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    Hello Sandesh,

    Hello Sandesh,

    I am sorry to hear about your friends mother. My father has diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer a year ago and has been fighting with it since then with every possible way we can provide him in Turkey. I believe you are located in US. If thats the case I would highly recommend your friend to view As of today there is no cure for pancreatic cancer and the treatment options are limited. But Pancan has just launched a program in cooperation with different hospitals around US, which is called Precision Promise. ( ) Pancreatic cancer is a complex type of cancer and they have just revealled last year that there are different subtypes of the pancreatic cancer. For pancreatic cancer patients clinical trials are the most viable options. As far as I can tell the Program enables patients to access customized treatment options and clinical trials that may be more effective. I have also applied for the program but rejected since my father is located in Turkey. 

    We did not have much option in Turkey since there are no clinical trials available and number of oncologists experienced in the area of pancreatic cancer is limited and the ones that are experienced are conservative. But with lot's of research, determination and hope we manage to provide my father different treatment options even under this restrictive conditions and he is beating the odds.

    It is important to know whether or not your friend's mother is canditate for surgery. Whether she has distant metastasis and/or her performance status for determination of the chemotherapy. Under Precision Promise they are providing a tumor test which sometimes can provide information regarding to reponsiveness of the drugs that are available for pancreatic cancer and even the drugs that are approved for other kinds of cancers.  As far as I know oncologist in US can refer their patients to the program and most of the costs are covered by the program. 

    I hope the best for your friend's mother and her family.