Help !!! Recommendation needed for Radiation Oncologist in NJ

I need reviews for Dr Shupack in memorial Sloan in Basking Ridge facility. Or recommendation for the best radiation oncologist in NJ. My 42 yr old non smoker husband is diagnosed with stage 1 vocal cord cancer and dr shupack at MSK is suggesting 6 weeks radiation. We are also awaiting CT scan to finalize the stage. I googled online and found 1 review that was very negative. Any suggestions here would be appreciated. Thanks all and God bless you !


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    Hi Lalitms


    I am sorry I can’t help you with this as I don’t know any ENT’s doctors up that way.


    I pray you get the help you are looking for




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    In my experience most people

    In my experience most people who leave reviews have something negative to say. For fun, I looked up my husband's ENT, who is consistenly ranked one of the best in Houston and whom we absolutely love. And all I could find was a negative review. And we absolutely love this guy. I mean love him. So take the reviews with a grain of salt.

    My husband was a 40 year old non smoker when he was diagnosed with stage 1 tongue cancer last year in October. I know what you are going through. But after surgery, chemo, and 6 weeks of rads, we are still here a year later and doing great. Best of luck to both of you.