Balance problems and radiation

so far I've had 3 rad treatments on my head near my ear. Yesterday I have started having problems with balance. I am going to ask the rad techs and my onc. Has anyone had similar trouble?

i had a cancerous tumor of the perotid gland, the balance issues that I had related to the cancer were almost gone.  

I believe that the rad treatmenus are messing with my inner ear. 



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    The rads are probably

    messing with your inner ear.  My balance has been off since before treatment...the before part was due to the cancer, the after part is due to the rads.  They tested my ears for fluid, but found none.  The rads affect many things....and there are so many nerves in the head and neck....My balance has gotten better over the beginning, it was either grab something or go down.  Now it's more of a light headed feeling, the comes and goes.


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    sounds like above post may be helpful

    DVR99174 sounds like he may get some comfort from your post. hope so.

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    Hi I also have/ had cancer of

    Hi I also have/ had cancer of the parotid gland. I didn't get balance problems until a month after my last treatment. I'm still having it now. I feel weak, Shakey and dizzy. Do let us know what the doc says. Hope you feel better soon. No fun being dizzy.