Glioblastoma Multiforme HCC

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On 9/20/2016 my world went into a tail spin.  My mother went to health center to get her blood pressure meds adjusted. She had been missing words and confused and her BP was high. By 9/23 she was having a brain tumor removed. now she needs 6 weeks of chemo pills and radiation and so far her insurance is denying everything.

I thought getting thru the surgery and the rehab would be tough it appears it just keeps getting tougher.  Medicare which she worked and paid into and i do still is denying everything.  What to do?

Also the surgeon said it was enviromentally caused not hereditary. Does anyone have a clear understanding of this? 

I want my mother to get the treatment necessary that she chooses. Myself I would be headed to mexico to Stella Meris(sp).

due to visits decisions and legal business i am just numb and do not know what to do.

your thoughts please.