Update on New Treament

Good morning all,

Got back from ProCure Proton Therapy in NJ yesterday. Beautiful facility with super nice people. New doctor is prescribing chemo along with the radiation. This place is 100 miles from home so I've decided to stay in a local hotel for convenience. I have to admit, I'm a bit nervous this time for the following reasons:

I didn't have chemo the last time, so I don't know how it will affect me. The rads will only be concentrated on the new tumor site on the right side of my neck. It was removed successfully with surgery. I'm hoping it will reduce the side effects. The IMRT rads were pretty terrible to deal with.

The new doctor doesn't mince her words. She emphatically said she hates tongue cancer, making me think because it's difficult to treat. She said it's very rare the cancer jumps to the other side of the tumor site. That alone makes me nervous.

Although I have wonderful, supportive people in my life, I will be going alone for obvious work/family obligation reasons. I've always been independent, but being alone in a hotel for 6 weeks is a bit frightening, considering what I'll be going through. Wish me luck!


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    Always with you, Steven. Hope

    Always with you, Steven. Hope you do great and that the chemo doesn't affect you much. It wasn't a big deal at all for my husband other than the time commitment. Sending you all the luck I have!

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    new treatment


    It sounds like a good doctor and a viable plan.  We can be your proxy company while you are away from home.  Try to have everything you need at the ready, your preparation ahead will pay dividends.  As best you can, get yourself psyched up for this, going it alone may take will power.

    I believe you will be successful, best of luck.


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    Hi Steve


    Sounds like you have it under control and sound like your doctor is very caring. My first treatment I too did not take Chemo, but when it came back a 2nd time it was Radiation and Chemo. I did not have too much problem with the Chemo but the radiation gave me hell and is still giving me hell 10 years later, I am glad you are doing Proton as it will not mess you up like regular radiation will. Good luck and will be keeping you in prayer






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    good luck

    That plan sound good.  You are a strong dude. Kick its ****.

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    Support ,

    Hi Steve we will be part of your support network.

    Goog luck


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    You will never be alone!!  Prayers for success!  




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    Thank you all for the

    Thank you all for the encouraging words. They are well needed and appreciated!

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    Best of luck

    You are in my thoughts Steve. Hope this chapter passes quickly and you find the positive in this new experience. We are all with you in spirit.

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    Hey Steve

    I have been following your journey since you began posting. I must say I am very impressed with you. You have the courage and strength you seldom see. My thoughts, prayers and hopes are with you. Soon, this season will be done and you will be posting about recovery.

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    You guys and gals are the

    You guys and gals are the best. For your entertainment pleasure, I will chronicle my journey when it begins in a couple of weeks. Should be thrilling!

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    I also discovered my new

    I also discovered my new radiation oncologist treated Michael Douglas. Bragging rights.

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    I also discovered my new

    I also discovered my new radiation oncologist treated Michael Douglas. Bragging rights.

    You're in my prayers..

    You're in my prayers..

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    I chuckled at your bragging

    I chuckled at your bragging rights, haha

    Wishing you the best, Steven.  And looking forward to following your journey and cheering you on.  Sure wish you didn't have to do this, but glad it was caught and will be dealt with swiftly!