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Path report today, endometrial adenocarcinoma IIIC2 grade 3, the uterus and 2 lymph nodes but everything else including omentum and pelvic wash clean....starting chemo tomorrow but only one chemo drug will be used this first time then on Nov 15 adding dr was very pleased how I am healing after 2 no surprises today which I prayed there wouldn't dr removed all visible signs of cancer during surgery and today I received another blessing from God!!!   Maryanne 


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    You're Making Good Progress

    Glad you got your path report now and have the plan of action from your doctor. You have accomplished a lot already! You and I have a lot in common with our staging and type of cancer. I'm doing fine and have every confidence that you will be too. Hang in there!

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    Glad you are doing well and

    Glad you are doing well and are healing.  Now you have a plan and things will be a little easier.  You are right, another blessing from God.  Sometimes it takes something like cancer for us to truely see all the blessings He has given us.

    Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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    I agree that having a

    I agree that having a concrete answer and a plan of action makes a big difference. I also have the same stage and grade. This is beatable!

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    Wishing you the best with

    Wishing you the best with chemo tommarrow.  Remember to bring some things to keep you ocupied.  I enjoyed eating at my chemos. It was right during lunch and my dad would go get me something to eat.  They also had snacks and juice to drink


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    No surprises can be good surprises

    Good luck with your first chemo tomorrow.  I was always hungry, so I took things I wanted to eat, rather than relying on what they had to snack on.  Same goes for liquids.  Water and coconut water were my go- to's.  No TV's at my infusion center, so reading, snoozing, and playing on my phone got me through.

    You got this!


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    Great news.

    So happy that it is not as bad as you were thinking it might be.  Glad you start chemo tomorrow and that dr lea has a plan one.that is doable.for you.  Praying all goes well tomorrow. Did you get your port in?  If not will they do that before the chemo? Trish


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    Amen and Thank you Lord for the blessings today!!!  Prayers continue as you begin your 1st chemo tomorrow.  I also brought my own food and water.  I had a friend come visit each time and the one time she couldn't come my brother came and kept me occupied.  I have IV therapy tomorrow and I will be thinking of you.  Please let us know how it goes.  (((HUGS)))  <3

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    Glad to hear you have a plan

    Glad to hear you have a plan in place:) Yes, drinking plenty of water is a big help. My center had snacks available, but I had friends bringing me lunch. My chemo took a good part of the day as I had prein before the actual chemo. I also brought plenty to read and my iPad, but I didn't use it much as I had friends visiting every time and it really helped the day go quickly. Good luck! We will be thinking of you as you begin your journey!

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    Thank u all for the prayers

    Thank u all for the prayers and well wishes!!  I had my port put in yesterday and that went very well, still a little sore but was told that will go away and I won't even notice the port is there.  I will let u all know how it goes today.  Maryanne 

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    Good you have a plan.

    Glad you are starting chemo to fight this cancer.   Keep the positive attitude.  You are in my prayers.


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    Prayers for an easy 1st chemo

    I am sure everything will go good and you are now on your way to beat this beast.  Chemo nurses are the best.  Port pain doeas go away and you won't notice it unless it is bumped.

    Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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    Maryanne, Thinking of you

    Maryanne, Thinking of you today. You will do great.

    Love and Hugs,


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    A plan and as I call suprizes

    A plan and as I call suprizes "no whammies" is great.  It sucks to think about going through chemo but having a plan in place made me feel more ready to tackle it.  Thinking of you as you prepare for cycle 1. 

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    Maryanne, how did the first

    Maryanne, how did the first treatment go? I'm sure that you've been told but it usually takes a couple of days to start feeling any side effects. Hopefully you won't have any but don't be surprised if you just feel like sleeping through the upcoming weekend. Remember to stay hydrated, eat protein and take whatever constipation medicine(s) your oncology nurses recommend. Hang in there - you can do this! Kim

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    Best to you Maryanne

    Good that you are well-enough to start your chemo so soon. Wishing you all God's peace. -j