Total thyroidectomy 12 days ago and suffering a red rash on incision

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I had a total thyroidectomy about a 1 1/2 weeks ago because of a diagnosis of papillary cancer .  I felt as though everyone dismisses this type of cancer as "easy" and the "best cancer to have".  Actually this is very traumatic experience And far from easy as I'm sure you all can agree with me.   As I am trying to heal physically and emotionally, I have a red swollen rash over my incision. I originally blamed myself because 1 week post-op he removed the tape and when I got home I applied bacitracin over the incision .  I then noticed a rash the next day so I made an Appt to see my surgeon The following day. He told me to take Benadryl pills and try Benadryl cream.  It's been 4 days and it isn't worse but isn't one bit better. I called him today to check on my calcium blood levels and while I had him on the phone I expressed my concerns over this rash.  Again, he didn't seem too worried. It's uncomfortable and I'm tired of it.  I feel like  I need a prescription to get rid of this.  I am here to ask anyone if you've gone through this.


feeling discouraged :( thank you 



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    I also have a red rash around

    I also have a red rash around my incision.  It's not raised, but, actually I had slight redening for months BEFORE my diagnosis and thyroidectomy.  It was one reason I was suspicious. I have found online that having a red area over the thyroid is very common in thyroid cancer.  Though I mentioned this to the endocrinologist and she said she'd never heard of this.  I think they just don't listen.  I'd say try not putting anything on in for awhile, except mayble a little ice to reduce the inflammation.  Let me know how you make out.