What happens if I have Fever during treatment

Hello all,

On Thursday 10/20, before the did my chemo the took all the vitals, as they usually do. My temp on 11 tries was between 99.9 and 101.4, so the NP decided to to a fever work up, which included taking blood from both arms, a chest X-ray and an EKG. They did not find anything in X-ray or EKG, so they went ahead with my Chemo, but called my pharmacy for an antibiotic named: Levofloxin 500 mg., take 1 aday for 7 days. I started it on Friday so today is my 3rd day that I took it. Since Friday 10/21, I feel extremeley low on energy, my apettite has droped substentially to scary levels, and I have to prevent myself from napping, since this would even make me more tired. I have had 3.5 weeks of Chemo and Radiation (every day). I am fine with chemo, but radiation is a killer.

The fever has decrreased to 99.3 being the highest today, but I am concerned this newfound fatigue (Since Thurs/Friday), may interfere with my treatment (only 3 weeks left). I am 67. Has anyone else has had tempurature unrelated to cancer, during cancer treatment before? I greatly appreciate any advice about this.








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    Low on energy and lack of appetite could have been most of us during treatment.  Fever, I do not know about, but they are treating you for it and it is not too high.  It is possible the two are related, but it is also possible the side effects are starting to kick your butt a little.

    Keep your team informed of all changes, but it is rare that anyone makes it through treatments feeling like a million bucks.  Sleep when you feel like it, keep up the nutrition and hydration and as you said “only 3 weeks left”, thank goodness.


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    You are about the stage in treatment that fatigue WILL set in.  I think at that time I was sleeping 20 hours a day. Get up - sip something, nap, get up sip something - nap - etc.  (Oh, somewhere during those days - I did have treatment) And, then at night - take a sleeping pill so I could sleep at night.  If I didn't take it - I was pacing the house all night.


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    I had 6 1/2 weeks of radiation no chemo for stage 3 tonsil cancer. My energy level started to plumet the 2nd week of radiation and did not beging to improve until 3 weeks after the treatment. I had a low grade fever during the last 2 weeks of radiation and continued for a few days after treatment. My dr was not concerned and told me the fever was caused by dehydration. 


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    High temperature

    Is nothing to fool around with, it is gratifying to hear that your team did the testing and prescibed anti-biotics.

    I had an episode of fever in the earlier stages of my treatment, just after my first induction chemo sessions (5 days as an in-patient on continuous high dose chemo).  I had been discharged 3 days earlier, was at the infusion center for a liter of IV fluids and my temp climbed from 99.4 up to 101.8 in just 1 hour.  I was readmitted and on IV anti-biotics for 3 days. 

    I was told that chemo does impact the immune system to a great degree, making us very susceptible to infections that for most people would be nothing or perhaps minor, for a chemo patient with a compromised immune system, it can be deadly, or so it was explained to me.

    I was advised early on to stay away from people other than the immediate family that lived in my house, if I went out I should wear a mask, I should pay very close attention to washing my hands often to prevent picking up whatever bug may be floating along.

    I had a second issue a few weeks later, the day my PEG tube was inserted, my wife checked me at bed-time and found that I felt hot, she took my temp and it was 100.8, so the medical oncologist had me in the ER for iv antibiotics.

    Energy wise - I was about halfway into rads and found that fatigue was a big issue, I'd feel wiped out after rads and would usually nap for an hour or two after that day's session. 

    Fatigue is normal, if you're concerned, ask your medical team, after all, that is what you're paying them for.

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    Fever and Fatigue....

    I ran an on again/off again fever all through treatment...never over 101.  My Onc said that it was normal for some people.  I was to call him if it ever went over 101, tho.

    As for the fatigue....it's from the cumlative effect of ongoing treatment.  I slept a lot in my recliner (that way I could feel like I was up and around :) )....but I dozed on and off all the time.  I did walk however, even if it was just around the perimiter of the house....my appetite sucked from the end of the second week until long after treatment.  I ate by the clock instead of when I "felt" hungry.  If the clock said noon....I ate same at 4:00 and 7:00....otherwise I would have wasted away to nothin'.


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    Thanks all,

    Thanks all,

    I saw my Raditation Oncologist today. She went over all my data (even looked at how my blood culture, taken on Thurs. is doing). She did not find any thing wrong. She said we'll go over culture this coming Wed. too and if there's still no bacteria, she has an explanation for it. She said with H&N cancer radiation, many delicate organs need to be irradiated and this causes inflamation in most of them. The white cells sometime and in some people confuse inflamation with a something bad and attack them, as a result of this fever is caused. She said she has had other H&N pateients who had fever during radiation.


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    Good that you saw your doctor as you need to be extra careful while under treatment. My Husband was treated with chemo X 3, Carboplatin, plus 6 1/2 weeks of radiation, for stage 4 tonsil cancer, one and a half years ago. First, he started getting chills in the evening, about 4 hours after treatment. Then, he started running a low grade fever every night, ranging from 100.2 - 100.7 starting around half way through treatments. I was concerned as I knew the chemo made him vulnerable to infection. I asked his Doctor about the low grade fever each evening and he didn't seem too concerned. He felt it was just a reaction to treatments, although not a common one.  As to fatigue, radiation saps energy and my husband was certainly easily tired. Good luck with your treatments.


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    I've had fever/chills right

    I've had fever/chills right after treatment. Not everyday though. I've also a below normal temp too. I've done 18 of 33. Salivary duct cancer. Eating anything is the farthest thing on my mind.

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    I agree with yensid683.  I

    I agree with yensid683.  I was told by my oncologist to go to the emergency room if I had a fever above 100.  Two weeks in I had a fever slightly over 100 and went to the ER where I was admitted for urinary infection.  I was in the hospital 9 days.  Everyone reacts differently but I think it's a good idea to have high fevers checked out.  As for tired and not wanting to eat it was  from the chemo.