2 Years Ago...

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Hey, all,

Apologies for not being able to post to this group as often as I'd like.  I started a new job back in June (went from 20 years at McDonald's to WAWA- LOVE it so far) and Jacob is quickly approaching his first birthday on November 2nd.  Lot happening right now but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  

I realize my 2 year surgeversary came and went on the 21st and thought it would be a good time to touch base.  I have been reading posts and am glad that so many familiar faces are still active on the board.  

I have my 2-year visit with the doc coming on Halloween and my scans are this Tuesday.  This is a big visit because if I'm given the all clear, I go to yearly visits after this one.  So I'm looking forward to another clean bill of health and an extremely happy upcoming holiday season.

Best wishes to you all,

- Jay


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    Hi Jay,

    Hi Jay,

    great to hear from you! So glad you are doing fine and love your job . Congrats on approaching Jacob's birthday :-). Is he walking already?

    Good luck with your scans, I'm absolutely sure they'll be fine!


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    YAY JAY!!! Glad you are doing

    YAY JAY!!! Glad you are doing well and your little one is as well.

    Happy 2nd birthday to him!

    Hugs to you and yours~


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    Hi, Jay

    Good luck on your scan and I'm glad you posted.   It's always good to hear these good news stories.


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    the best motivator

    raising your family  should keep you strong and healthy for a long time. Good for you Jason.

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    Best wishes Jay

    Happy Birthday to little Jacob.  And what the heck is WAWA??  :-)