Pathology Report in for Iggy

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Hello All,

   I finally saw my Urologist who went over the pathology report with me. I had Stage One RCC that was confined to my kidney only. The size was 5.5cm, not 6cm as believed. Also, nothing had gone into the lymp nodes. I am meeting with my Oncologist this week to follow up. In the meantime, I  am recovering from sugery and grateful that it was discovered at an early stage. I am still worried about a reoccurence, but am optomistic about the future.

 I appreciate you all being here and sharing your experiences. 






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    Great news

    That's great news, Iggy! Now comes some R&R recovery time and putting those future appointments to connect with your Uncle Ned. 


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    Your futures so bright

    Ive got to wear shades

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    The worst part is done, have

    The worst part is done, have a rest and stay optimistic

    Wishing you speedy recovery iggy


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    did the doc mentioned Furman's grade?

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    Mine was 5.3 cm at the greatest dimension.  I go for my first scans in a little over a month from now.  I, too, am nervous, but like people say here--the numbers are in our favor.  Take one day at a time and recover well.