TG gone high suddenly

Hello All,

I had my TT and RAI in 2010. Papillary carcinoma 2nd stage. It was not spread to nodules. I have been clean since then. I didn't have health issue nor do I have now. The concern is my very recent blood test result. These are as follows 

February... TSH was 2.77 and TG was 0.021
October... TSH is 3.26 and TG is 2.58

I am on same level of medication for last one year. I live in Bishkek and my doctor is in Bangkok. I won't get any feedback from her anytime soon. But my Tg level has never been this high. Its really making me concern. Does it mean my cancer is back? Please help I can't sleep. I will have to fly to Bangkok for my check up and its gonna take me sometime to get everything ready.