Chronic Headache Post NPC treatment

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Hi CSN, 

Has anyone experience chronic daily headaches after treatment? It's NOT painful that I need meds. Just slight/mild pain one of side of my head (temple). The strange ting is I've never had this before. It started occuring about 3 weeks ago. My last scan was before the headaches started, it was NED then. I'm about 12 months out from rads. My next scan is about 3 months from now, of course there's a lingering fear of recurrence. 

Is this normal? Has anyone had headaches (chronic daily) from NPC treatment and it's nothing unusual? 

I've asked my doctor (by email) for his assessment - he hasn't return with any advise yet.

Thanks for the advise.


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    I didn't have headaches that

    lasted all day or anything....but I'd get (and still do get) light headaches that might last 30 minutes or so.  Also, I've had what I call head cramps...might hurt like a cramp for 30 seconds and then is gone.  Usually in the temple area.  I was treated for NPC 4 years ago.  Keep track of when it started (like put a note in your computer)...chances are it will resolve...and of course letting your Dr. know is a good idea.  My ear got plugged, and stayed that way for a frigging year...then poof it cleared.  My ENT was watching it carefully, but it was nothing. 


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    Thanks phrannie! So much to learn from you all on this. Yeah, is not very painful, but mild thing. 

    Similar to you, my right ear is completely blocked. it has tubes now. Still blocked, hopefully I get lucky as well that it suddenly clears! I'll continue to keep an eye on it.  Praying for the next NED/MRI 3 months from now.