Calories and body temperature

My husband is one week post treatment (35 rads and 6 chemo's/cisplatin).  He is doing about 2000-2500 calories of VHC Boost a day but continues to lose weight.  How many calories did any of you need to consume to maintain weight.  He isn't feeling any relief yet and also spikes fevers then they come back down.  He presented with Thrush before end of treatment and we are still on antibiotice (14 day cycle with 3 days left).  Has anyone else had varying body temps?  He is not eating anything orally but does get about 2 cokes down a day (it helps bust through the thick mucus).  







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    Always cold

    Hi, my husband is 4 weeks post treatment and is cold all the time. I'm talking sweatshirts and wool socks and 3 blankets when a/c is on in Georgia with temps in the high 80s.  I too am interested in weight question. I try to get him at least 2000 calories a day but I really think he must need 3000. He has lost about 8 more lbs since finishing radiation.  

    Hang in there. it will get better but it will be very slowly.