Magic Mouth Wash

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I just learned our insurance will not cover Magic Mouthwash.  Did anyone else have this issue?  We have United Healthcare.


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    swish, sip & swallow every drop


    Yes, I had to pay out of pocket.

    Because  it worked so well for me, that was ok.





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    I also had to pay out-of-pocket as it is compounded and my insurance doesn't cover compounded prescriptions.  I am still using it 2 months out before I eat.  My throat get really irritated when I do and the mouthwash helps.  I am eating everything I did before treatment!!!


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    Call insurance direct

    we were initially declined but called and they told pharmacy how to enter codes so it was covered. There is a certain trick. We have Blue Cross Blue Shield and after calling insurance it was covered. 

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    Magic Mouth Wash

    I did call our insurance co. and they said I can getit covered from one specific pharmacy so I called them today..I hope it works out.  It would be nice not to have to pay $80 each and every time.  If this doesn't work, oh well, but I think it will.

    thanks for all the feed back!


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    Correct, I experienced the

    Correct, I experienced the same issue. Insurance does not cover Majic Mouthwash and it is expensive. My MM cost was $23 a bottle.

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    Magic Mouth Wash-update

    walgreens charges $80 bucks in St. Charles, MO, but I found a compounding pharmacy that charges $13.71 for the same thing!!!  Then after talking with our nurse coordinator she got it for us from the pharmacy at Siteman for FREE!!!