2nd Pathology Report Para-Aortic Lymph Nodes

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I am so depressed right now. My mom's pathology report for her second surgery came today. Five para-aortic lymph nodes taken out on the right side, 6 on the left side, for a total fo 11 lymph nodes in all. All 5 lymph nodes on the right show adenocarcinoma metastasis. The 6 on the left came out negative. Her omentum shows no metastasis and her peritoneal washings came out negative. So now her staging is IIIC2 due to para-aortic lymph node involvement.

Really sad... and trying to cope with this news right now... Please continue to pray for her.



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    I am so sorry.  My upsc

    I am so sorry.  My upsc returned in the para aortic lymph nodes and I understand the depth of your disappointment.  I hope you'll grieve it and then move on to hope in treatment that will keep her well. I pray for you.

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    I am so sorry.  I know this has to be so hard on both of you.. Never give up hope.

    Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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    SO SORRY!!!

    Rebecca truly there are no words of comfort are there?!  Please know that I am praying that God will wrap you and your mom in His arms and give you the strength and courage to keep going- that He will cheer you and lift you and lead you and guide you.  Thank you for taking a moment to come and share- please know we are here for you and your mom- sad with you- big big (((HUGS))) 

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    Believe me

    I know the shock and disappointment of receiving a IIIC2 staging, and I'm sorry that you have to hear that, too.  That was what I received at my post-op appointment.  I was scared and angry.  But that was over a year ago and after chemo and brachytherapy, I am still here.

    So let all those feelings out... cry, scream, vent, and grieve... and then remember that there are a number of women on this site who had the same stage and who have successfully fought the beast.

    Sending courage, strength and hope to both of you,


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    Yes, please have hope. After

    Yes, please have hope. After surgery my cancer was 3C3/4. Not too great, but after 1 year I'm still here and presently NED. Anything is possible. So wonderful that you are there for her. Keep the faith.

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    While this definitely qualifies as a low point, getting news you didn't want to hear, please remember that staging is a beginning and not an end point in this journey. It tells you where you are starting from and gives your doctors a direction to proceed in. You know now that you have to do what you have to do to get through this. Chemo is a systemic treatment, so even though the cancer spread as far as it did doesn't mean that it can't be stopped in its tracks now and again down the road if it needs to be. It's ok to give in emotionally to the unfairness of having to cope with all of this when you need to, but don't lose sight of the fact that the roller coaster will have its high points, too. Hang in there and God bless you for all that you do to help your mom. You are a treasure!

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    Rebecca, your mom is one tough cookie. She is going to have some rough days ahead of her but she will get through it. She is very lucky to have you by her side as she goes through treatment. Thank you for being there for her.

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    Sorry Rebecca

    It's true, though, that the chemo is going to address the whole body, and we can be thankful that those particular nodes with traces have been removed. We hope and pray that there aren't any more of those cells lurking, and if there might be, that the chemo does its work to kill them off. 

    Hoping your mother has a chance to recuperate and gain some of her strength back in the meantime. 

    Sympathy and hugs,


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    Rebecca,  Its hard when the diagnosis it worse than you thought.  Its okay to be sad for a while.  Im glad you came here for support  it makes things a little easier.

    I will continue to pray for your mom


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    Sending prayers for you and your mom!  I know this is a bitter pill to swallow but as many others have said its very doable!  I was diagnosed as IIIC1 last year in October and so far NED is still present!  There is always, always...hope!  Cling to it and keep it close when doubt creeps in.  Hugs to you!!

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    Hugs to you and your Mom

    I went from stage II to stage IIIC1 after post-op staging.  It's not easy news to handle, but hang in there.  It's a roller-coaster ride of emotions on this cancer journey.  I found it better once my treatment plan was in place and ready to fight the battle.  You both are strong warriors!  You'll get through this.  Hugs to you both!  ~LL