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I started on a new journey today.  I need to have two molars removed on my lower right.  My doctor recommened 20 sessions before teeth extraction and 10 sessions after.  There should be no gap between day 20 of treatment and teeth extraction and session number 21.  Even though my radiation was completed in December 2003, I had enough radiation to my right molars and the right angle of the mandible for the doctor to be concerned.

My doctor recommended an office that was not in my insurance network.  I didn't realize what that entailed until I received the explanation of the treatment followed by the price tag.  It had taken me quite a few days to schedule the treatments which needed coordination with the oral surgeon, so I was not about to stop everything and look for another treatment center.  I'm not sure how prices are in other areas, but my 40% of the charges amounted to $259.00 per session.

Anyway, session one was today.  I did not experience any problems.  I did choose the clear versus the steel chamber, because I'm slightly claustrophobic.  I have ear tubes, so my ears were popping the entire time that I was going under.  Coming up, I ended up with clogged ears which went away after a few minutes.

I understand that I may experience some side effects later.  So, keeping my fingers crossed.





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    I went through this last December for removal of a left lower molar.  I had the same issues with ear popping and somewhat pain until they "took me down" slower than the initial few dives.  Ask the tech to do this.  I suppose I was very lucky in that Medicare and my insurance took care of all the costs.  After the 20 sessions, the removal was a piece of cake.  No pain whatsoever, but I sure don't care to go through the process again.  It takes one heck of a committment of at least 2 1/2 hours a day for 30 week days, so don't plan on going anywhere.


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    So glad to hear about your successful experience. 

    Today, I had only a little ear popping.  But tonight, my feet are falling asleep very easily and it's happeining to my right hand also.  Hope that my brain doesn't fall asleep or go numb on me.  I still need to work for a living. Smile

    Chemo was bad enough -- took away my spelling skills and it's now very difficult for me to learn any 'big' words or recall some of those long multi- syllable words. 



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    I've been through it and other than the time commitment, it was very doable.  I coordinated it with my boss that I would have treatment first thing in the morning at 7 am, when the center opened, and I would just work my 8 hours when I got to the office.  I was normally at work by 10 or a bit after so it was a long day, but manageable.  I did find that I my eyesight after a while of doing sessions and for a bit after was better and I didn't need to wear my reading glasses as much.  This was short lived and after a few weeks my eyes went back to needing the glasses all the time to read.

    If the center has TV/DVD player it is a good time to catch up on movies.  I made great use out of my Netflix subscription and the occassional RedBox movie.