Transfer of care to MDA


has anyone who is in remission (surveillance) time and tried to transfer care to MDA? I also had a few second opinions I wanted to get on the imaging and surveillance.

So far I have been so far, unsuccessful. i'm not sure why. Have done a number of phone calls, many emails, etc - they don't seem to want to accept me. Maybe they only work with active cancer patients, and leave surveillance/management to local physicians?

Appreciate the comments and if someone has some experience they could share on this. 


  • LiseA
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    I have no experience, because

    I have no experience, because just finished my first 3 month checkup, but maybe you didn't get to the right department?  Have you tried Cancer prevention at MDA?  Maybe they could guide you. 

  • Kenny-
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    Hi LiseA,

    Are you in the cancer prevention department (after your treatment?). Also if you don't mind me asking, what were you diagnosed with? Mine is S-2 NPC Squamous Cell carcinoma. Trying to get a second opinion on certain things.

    Thanks! Any insights owuld be very helpful on how to navigate the big hospital.