What did you use for the skin and neck burn during radiation?

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Any suggestions of what did and did not work?


Margi Greene

St. Charles, MO


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    2 - 50 gram & 1 250 gram containers.


    I had neck burn delux and it was the most painful part of my treatment. 

    I used Silver Sulfadiazine Cream with great success.  As long as I used it I had no pain.

    It is a bit messy, but pillow cases be damned, this is real life.

    It is not for everybody, a few H&N members had bad reactions (I wasn’t one of them).


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    Neck Burns

    The neck burns were very uncomfortable, but they only lasted about a week after radiation therapy ended. I used the silver cream Matt mentioned. My NP also gave me Mepilex pads, a self-adhesive,  non-stick foam which could be cut to fit. It kept the burn ooze from getting all over everything and was easy to peel off for changing. 

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    I found Mepilex to be amazing

    I found Mepilex to be amazing and the most effective for me. Also used the Sulfadiazine for about a week after rads. For some reason, MDA did not want me to use it until I was done with rads.

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    Neck burns during radiation

     I used Aquaphore and it worked quite well.

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    Thanks Everyone!!

    Den's in Radiation Number 3 right now and we will meet with the Dr. right after so this is perfect timing.  

    Thank you all!!!

    Margi Greene

    St. Charles, MO

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    Aloe and Aquafor

    For over the counter skin care, I used two products.

    In the earlier treatments I was told to use clear, unscented aloe vera AFTER each treatment.  They also made the point to make sure my neck and face were both clean and dry BEFORE each treatment.

    Once skin issues arose, I'd use a product called Aquafor (maybe Aquaphor, not sure of the spelling).  It was fairly messy and tough to clean off before the next treatment, but it kept my skin from really getting nasty and virtually eliminated any scarring.  My skin healed much quicker than my throat, and there is little to no scarring today

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    Aquaphor for my husband. He

    Aquaphor for my husband. He is very fair, and his skin recovered great. He would put it on right after radiation and again before bed. His doc and nurse were seriously impressed with how good his skin looked after rads ended.

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    I used

    Olay regenerist serum..




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    I used

    Olay regenerist serum..




    RottiesMom-How are you healing?

    I was wondering how you are healing post treatment?


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    Thanks Everyone!!

    We were given Aquaphor and another ointment to use multiple times a day.  Also, we received a huge box of aloe from a friend in TX today too! :)

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    Aloe Vera Gel (Organic)  and

    Aloe Vera Gel (Organic)  and SeaBerry Buckthorn Oil mixed. Worked well. I did burn and peel but it di work fairly well.

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    Aloe , Gold Bond Ultimate, and Burn Cream as suggested above.  No mess, and NO open sores.  Cancer Buddy used Aquafor only and had to take a week off due to weeping sores.  They could NOT put on her Mask to Radiate.  I have no sign of any radiation.  Arnica Natural Gel is also amazing for healing.  My Opinion.  Hugs, Lisa

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    Neck burn

    My husband used organinc Aloe Vera (no additives) from the health food store after his morning shower and Miaderm Cream after each radiation treatment. He started using the Aloe and Miaderm a few days before treatments started and used it every day without fail. His doctors were amazed at how well his skin held up as he has very sensitive skin and is also very fair. The last 3 days of treatment his skin did start to look red and burned so they told him to try Aquafor and then progressed to Silvadene cream, with a large telfa dressing to cover it loosely as the cream is messy, (no tape used).  The Silvadene worked really well for him.  His skin looks great today, a year and a half post treatment, no discoloration or changes. He used the Aloe for several months after treatment, just to be on the safe side.   Good Luck.