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I used to be on the lung forum, dx. in 09, and have been doing well as far as my lungs are concerned, however I have a new cancer now to contend with, I am a stage 111B anal cancer.  I am awaiting treatments which I should of started by now, had I not run into insurance snags.  Things have been sorted out now, and I am just waiting for a phone call to start.  I read on another support web site that the treatments are absolutely brutal, I was told by two Doctors that this therapy is no where as easy as the lung cancer treatments and from what I read, I believe it.  I would like to hear from those of you who went through this treatment, and if they were sucessful.  Thanks for any and all input.


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    I am so sorry to have the need to welcome yet even one more person to our family, but at the same time so happy that you have found us.  I was dx stage 3b anal cancer a little over 5 1/2 years ago. My treatment included chemo, radiation, and surgery.......and for me, yes, it was brutal. I will not sugar coat that as it does not help. The radiation to that tender part of the body has the potential for much pain and discomfort and hard for anyone not in that position to relate to. By the time I was half way through treatment I was on a daily dose of oxycontin 2x's per day and still uncomfortable. That being said, the treatment is relatively short in comparison to many others and there are some who seem to be in much less pain throughout. As you have most likely learned from previous lung treatment, we are all different and our bodies do not react the same to treatment. Know that as questions come up we are here to help and while the nature of this cancer seems at first embarassing, the conversation here has nothing off topic and perfectly comfortable. 

    My cancer was initially dx rather late, and put me at risk for recurrance.....which happened about 1 1/2 years ago. I was dx with anal cancer mets to the lung. Treatment for that was a thoracotomy followed by aggressive chemo once again and as of now I am doing just great!

    There will be some degree of long term side effects to deal with, but they are manageable. My advice is to set your sights on a couple months down the road knowing that treatment will be well underway and maybe even completed (the usual course involves about 6 weeks)......please stay in touch, take a breath, and we will help you through to the end!



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    Dear Friend,

    I'm sorry about your new diagnosis and hope everything will turn out fine. You probably meant 3b stage anal cancer. You will find invaluable information here. I had rectal cancer and gone through the exact treatment you are going to receive plus i had a big surgery. 

    Wish you all the best,


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    I am sorry that you find yourself going back into the ring to fight another type of cancer.  However, I'm glad you have joined our group, as the support and advice here can be invaluable.  I was diagnosed with anal cancer in June 2008 and went through 6 weeks of chemo/radiation.  As has been noted already, the treatment was brutal.  I failed to take the pain medication as prescribed and probably suffered more than necessary.  My first word of advice is to take the pain medication that your doctors give you and if it doesn't provide enough relief, then ask for something more.  Do not try to charge through this in pain like I did.  The good news is that this will be a short course of treatment and that it has a high rate of success, even at stage IIIB.  You have every reason to be hopeful that your cancer will be gone!  I am an 8-year success story, if that gives you any encouragement.  As hard as the next few weeks might be, you will get through it, one day at a time if necessary.  I wish you all the very best and hope you'll come here for support as needed.  Take care.


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    Special thanks to Martha,Katheryn,

    Thank you so much for such a warm and supportive welcome.  The thought of having to go through this fight a second time around is both upsetting and frightening, but I am encouraged to hear that it can be overcome.  Thank you again for your support and I will keep in touch.

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    OOPS, forgot Laz, sorry

    Special thanks to Laz also