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I was just diagnosed with Melanoma 1 week ago.  I have a consult in one week to discuss my options with the oncologist.  My depth is 1.3mm and 2 cells were split. I am beside myself with worry.  I read all the horror stories on the internet and I'm really scared.  In 2 weeks i get the radiation shot and then lymph node surgery and removal of more of my nose.  1 week after that I find out my results.  Since I was diagnosed I feel like every pain I get is Cancer growing inside me.  I don't really have any results yet still just really scared.  


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    it is very scary

    mac1299, in May 2016 I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma. It's a type of skin cancernthatnwas below the skins surface. I remember when the doctor came in with the results of the byopse. He asked if I have been diagnosed or have had skin cancer of course I said no. He then said you have it. Everyone's cancer is different.

    Once you accept that you are in a club no one wants to join, it gets a little easier. Having a support system in place is the best advice that I can give to you. 

    Mine was squamous cell carcimomma of the perotid gland. 

    Yes, it is very scary, I have had 2 surgeries on my face and chest with many, many lymph nodes removed. I lost count. I start radiation next Tuesday. You will make it through this hard time in your life.

    my fear is putting on the "Mask" for my treatments. Talking about it helps. When you are ready come to the chat room, you will find a lot of support there..

    Do you have anyone that you can lean on during your journey? Those of us here can and will support you.

    Never give up fighting!