Celebrating 5 years

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I just wanted to share my good news with my teal sisters. I just had my last 6 month checkup with my wonderful gynocological/oncologist, as it's been 5 years since I finished treatment for uterine papillary serous carcinoma. I've got no lasting side effects and no sign of cancer at all. When I started treatment in 2011, I was scared to death, after realizing the statistics for this type of cancer. I just want to offer hope to my sisters.....don't get hung up with statistics.....you are your own unique person with your own unique dna. I'm now on a yearly schedule to be seen, and my dr informs me I should be carefully assessed every year for the rest of my life. I'm ok with that (this is actually my second cancer....I had vaginal cancer in 2007 and kicked that one to the curb, too...lol!) Stay strong, sisters! Sending my love and prayers to all!


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    so nice of you to share

    Good news like this is so uplifting. So glad you took the time to share!

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    Wow! Congratulations!!!!!

    Thank you so much for letting us share your wonderful news- it is so helpful to know there are those who have gone before (2x) and that it's not only possible to survive but to thrive!  Congratulations to you- Happy Day!  (((HUGS)))

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    Wondeful news sunflash!!

    Thank you for sharing your news, it is so encouraging to hear when things are going well and gives hope to everyone! It is so easy to look at the statistics and expect the worst so hearing stories about survival and feeling good are so helpful.  Congratulations!!

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    Congratulations, sunflash!

    Thanks for sharing your news!  It cheers us all when one of us survives and thrives!

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    Such good news

    Congratulations, what great news.  May you dance with NED forever.

    Lou Ann

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    Congratulations!  So happy

    Congratulations!  So happy for you.  

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    That is wonderful news and it let's the newbies know that it is possible to kick cancer to the curb.  Many more years of being healthy.  Trish

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    Congrats Sunflash! Such great

    Congrats Sunflash! Such great news to share with all of us. As others have said, it really helps to know of long term survivors. Love and Hugs, Cindi

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    Congratulations Sunflash

    i will also  be a 5 year survivor of uterine papillary serous carcinoma in November. I wanted to share as well to give others support and hope that it is possible. Besides having fabulous doctors and incredible friends and family, I believe this journey has been as much about the mind and spirit as it has been about the body. After 3 surgeries, chemo, and radiation I have very minimal side affects and have been so blessed. 

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    Thanks for sharing

    Thanks so much, Sunflash and haddie55, for sharing your wonderful news.  Hooray, for reaching your five year NED anniversaries!  It certainly lifts my spirits.  Doing a Happy Dance for you both!  ~LL

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    Fantastic news! This gives us

    Fantastic news! This gives us all hope:)

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    Thanks for thinking of us

    Thanks for thinking of us here.  We love to here good news.  Im so glad your not feeling any side effects.  Thats pretty much how it was for me with my first cancer.

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    Yes, thank you so much! It is

    Yes, thank you so much! It is so great to hear your success stories - keep 'em coming! Kim

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    Fantastic to hear! Congratulations, and thanks so much for checking in and letting us know!


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    My dear, dear, sisters! Thank

    My dear, dear, sisters! Thank you so much for all the heartfelt responses! We're soooo blessed to have this community where we can lean on each other and share both our fears and our victories. You are all in my prayers for strength, health, and the best outcomes possible. Hang in there you awesome ladies.....and never give up hope. And big congratulations to you, Haddie! 

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    Sunflash and Haddie, that is

    Sunflash and Haddie, that is wonderful news, especially since you both had UPSC.  When I first read the stats on this cancer, I thought I was given a death sentence (Stage II, Grade 3 - UPSC).  It is always encouraging to read of long term survivors of this vicious, agressive cancer.

    Thank you both for posting!!!!