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Hi all - Robert's wife Alyssha again.  One of htese days maybe he will get on here and see how wonderful you are ;) 

After his trip to the hospital with the terrible stomach pain a few weeks ago he did start chemo.  I think I updated that.  The chemo causes major explosive diarhea but for him that is a bit of a relieff.  He has been taking sena, colace and lactulose for ages just to be able to go at all.  So the first few treatments he actually felt better after them.  

Weeks 4 his WBC count was too low so we skipped.  Then he was sick - fevers and stomach pain again.  The last chemo (10 days ago) caused the diarhea again, but no relief.  Just exhausted from this 2 week battle of feeling terrible all the time.  He had a decent day or two, ut was sick again today.  No control and angry adn frustrated at the diapers and that he can't make it to the bathroom most of the time.  He skipped the last treatment because he felt too terrible.  No fevers this time though. 

Currently he is trying hard to stay hydrated - its tough for him.  He takes senna with colace every three hours when he takes his pain meds.  when he doesnt have stomach pain his othr pain is well managed and he may even miss a dose or two (leading him to miss some of the senna too). When the intense diarha stopped he got backed up right away - terrible pain, etc.  1 dose of lactulose got things moving again, but we are trying to develop as much workable routine to keep him comfrotable.  

Limited dairy, increased fluids, Im thinking Miralax every day?  Twice a day?  Are there particular things that you Don't eat at all, or would suggest.  Potatoes don't seem to be a good plan either.   

Not sure if that all made sense.  He is trying so hard, but I don't know what I can possibly do to try to help at this point.  I saw some people talking about a partial blockage - how would we even know - just xrays ?  It's an absolute nightmare to make that happen, With 5 kids in the house I keep assuming he is picking up some bug from them with the weakened immune system.  Thank you all - I think of you often.  


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    A lot going on at your house

    I know this was at the bottom of your note, but thought I would put this in before I forget...

    Now that kids are back to school, and have access to far more germs and illnesses, it might be a good idea for hubby to wear a mask to help keep the germs at bay.  Also lots of hand washing for the kiddos, particularly when they get back from school.  It wouldn't hurt for hubby to wash hands before drinking or eating.  I don't know if it has any scientific backing, but in the winters my dad would keep lysol spray on hand...first hint of cold or flu and he would be spraying to kill the airborne germs.

    Perhaps his doctor can get hubby appointment with a dietitian who can recommend dietary do's and don't's.  The things which come to mind which cause output to thicken are toast, rice, applesauce, would think they should be avoided.  You might also inquire about probiotics with the doc.  It may be that his normal "good germs" in the intestines have been impacted by treatments.

    Hope that some of this proves useful.  Wishing you all the best.

    Marie who loves kitties

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    Food diary

    Does he (as in you) keep a food diary?  I know allot of people do, and you might be doing this already. 

    Anyway, that was a good way for me to track down which foods - either eaten or missed - caused my constipation, and likewise loose bowels. 

    I have never been one to take OTC meds of any kind, so can't help you with that side of things. I have heard that relying on stool softners in the long term can cause problems, but don't know enough about it to advise. Definitely time to talk to his GP and/or Oncologist. 

    Keeping hydrated is major important. Some people think that surely, drinking woujld loosen the stool and cause diarrhea, but we know that the diarrhea just sucks all liquids out of us. So, keep on him to get enough drink. 

    I am so sorry to hear that he is having these problems. He and you and all of the kiddies, are in my thoughts and prayers. 


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    I've just almost gotten over

    I've just almost gotten over a partial blockage. Worst one yet. Anyway, my surgeon gave me a prescription for straight codeine. I have an ostomy so there's no ceoncern about getting constipated for me so it might be different for your husband. He gave it to me just to slow down my intestinal tract because I was so dehydrated and was drinking huge amounts of fluids and it was just going right through me. Maybe ask if this is an option to get things to slow down?

    Another idea might be trying Metamucil type products. The kind that have a powder that mixes with water inside of a person and becomes a jelly. It works for people with constipation as wellas diarrhea. I suggest it because years ago we had a filly we'd bought at auction who wasn't well. The poor little thing had explosive diarrhea that would soak her tail and get all over her bum and burn it. It was winter and her tail was like a huge bat of frozen diarrhea. It was sad. The vet suggested we try the store brand Metamucil. I got several containers and gave it to her and the diarrhea stoped within a few days and she never had it again. The vet had said that it turns into the jelly in the tummy and gives it something to work on and stops the cycle of diarrhea that the bowels can have a hard time snapping out of.

    I hope you can get on this soon. Your poor husband, he must be just miserable. Good luck.


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    I think you guys need some

    I think you guys need some kid guidelines even though kids do tend to germinate everything they come near.  Perhaps masks, handwashing, rubber gloves and possibly hand sanitizer.  When my kids were sick, I made them stay away from me.  Sounds horrible but true.  Also I lysoled the toilet handles and doorknobs daily before I touched them.  I already felt like I had the flu from chemo and rad so I didn't want to get the flu too.  

    I really think you should consult the doctor about the swings in bowel movements.  You want to be very careful with dehydration and your doctor might recommend a dietician to help make sure he's getting the right vitamins and necessary fluids.  Also you have to make sure there is no blockage and the doctor will set up the necessary scan for that.  There might be foods that you have to completely remove from the diet for a while.  Also maybe the doctor needs to look at his medication to make sure none of the pain meds and other non chemo related drugs are causing any of the problems.  I had that problem and once I changed, things got a lot better.  Even if you eliminate some of the discomfort it would be a good thing.