No insurance soon. I hope not

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I feel like the world is crashing down under me.  It of course is not but i came home from picking my daughter up and just started crying.  I still havent heard about my MRI for my back. she was suppossed to tell me on wed.  So much for that.  On top of that there is a possiblity that i might loose my health insurance in november.  I dont know forsure but even the thought of it is stressing me out to the limits.  Im trying really hard to stay hopeful with this and sometimes am but not right now.  Please any one that can give me a bit of support right now would be helpful.  Unfortunatially i could go on and on about my problems but i dont know that would help.  Love all you guys


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    I know that feeling of the

    I know that feeling of the world coming down.  I have been told by so many ladies here that it is perfectly OK to just cry when things seem to not go right and we are here for you.  So many prayers and hugs going out to you!  Maryanne

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    American Cancer Society

    I seem to recall when I set up appointments with the ACC for the Look Good, Feel Good program that they asked me how things were going for me financially because they had some program that helps out for those in financial need. You might want to check out their website to see if there's any help there should you lose your insurance.

    So sorry that you are getting this added to everything else you are dealing with. It's so not fair!

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    So sorry to hear this, Janae.

    So sorry to hear this, Janae. I don't know what state you're in, but there are options for coverage no matter where you live through, and most states have special insurance for people with serious diseases. Even so, I know it would be very upsetting and exhausting to contemplate when you're already dealing with cancer. Keep us posted.

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    Janae, i can understand how

    Janae, i can understand how hard it must be to get this news. I hope something works out soon on this front. Sending you hugs.

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    Sorry About the Pressures


    So sorry you have so much on your plate. It's a lot of jazz. Hoping that the insurance issue is resolved  soon. Sending hugs and offering up prayers. -jane

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    Love and prayers on the way!!!  So very sorry to hear you are struggling and hope things resolve for you very quickly.   (((HUGS)))

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    Adding money problems to the

    Adding money problems to the cancer mix is so disturbing. I feel your pain. Please complain away. We all understand and I agree talk to American cancer society and even some hospitals or cancer centers may help you. Also have you checked into the possibility of cobra? I know it can be expensive, but in some states it maybe cheaper than the insurance market place. In Illinois I know that is true. I'm so sorry this has been added to your worries. Praying you get some help!

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    You may also want to contact

    You may also want to contact your state to see if State Medicaid is available to you. Also, there may be other programs that can assist with treatment costs. Here is a link to a site that may help (scroll down to the middle of the site to the section labeled Medication and Treatment Cost Assistance): .

    So sorry that you are going through this!

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    You know you guys are so

    You know you guys are so wonderful and marvalous.  I can just count on you guys and feel so much love.  I just never get jugded for my situation and it feels so great.  You guys have such empathy.  Thank you for the information.  It gives me a place to continue forward if need be.  I really appreciate the web site with lots of numbers to call.  I did talk to a guy from the american cancer society.  I think that was where he was from.  I will have to think about that for sure.  He told me about the insurance options through obomacare.  I have to say he was very helpful and spent a good amont of time with me.  He did tell me that child support does count towards income when figuring out what plan is best for people.  When i looked it up myself thats not the info i got.  That is what scared me to death.  I need to find the truth about that.  Any ways im pretty calm today thanks to my beliefs in God.  He is always constant for me.  would love to know if i cant get insurance if there is options to pay for catsans and mris if needed.  I looked up a option i might qualify for with my state and it didnt cover MRIs or catcsans (sp).  I just cant go with out those if needed.  Thats the thought that put me over the top emotionally.  I am still hoping to not loose my insurance but i guessing i will need to change sometime in the future anyways.

    I am  giving you all a big huge hug right now.  can you feel it?


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     My cancer center has a

     My cancer center has a,financial,assistance program and I would imagine that most might.  You may want to look into that.  If your cancer center is part of a hospital CT scans and MRIs done there would be part of any financial assistance plan you qualified for. Besides all the other problems that cancer causes, it can also take a toll financially.  Sorry you have to go through this worry too.  When I am the most worried, I pray and that helps so much.

    Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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    so sorry

    Just what no one needs on top of going through treatment is financial stress.  Never feel bad about crying or asking for an empathetic ear.  Hugs to you and hope solutions come through for you.  Peace, ~LL

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    Another thing about finances-

    Another thing about finances- my friend who sells insurance herself said to always talk to the hospital about setting up a payment plan. That is what I have Done. Although my insurance is good once I've met deductible and out of pocket, thouse numbers are high 3,500 and 5,500. Now my husband has cancer too and I haven't even paid off. Mine yet and our treatments span two plan years:( so I really feel your pain.