US results?

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Hey everyone.. I noticed a palpable lump on my neck about a month ago and decided to get it looked at. The first doctor I went to said that I was probably gettign sick and to wait it out. I did that for a couple weeks but then went to another doctor who referred me to an ENT. The ENT ordered an ultrasound which the results found:
"1 oval hypoechoic nodule in the left parotid gland; color doppler demonstrates internal vascularity. There is no definite tract extending to the skin's surface. "
"1 hypoechoic nodule nodule in the isthmus with suggestion of a few punctate echogenic foci possibly calcifications"
"1 hypoechoic nodule in the left mid thyroid gland."
an MRI was also obtained to confirm if one of these nodules was in the parotid gland, which it is. MRI results conclude that....
"there are several well-circumscribed t2 hyperintense lesions within the left parotid gland. There is a similarly appearing t2 hyperintense lension in the mid right parotid gland. These lesions appear to demonstrate mild enhancement on the postcontrast images."
"there is an oval, enhansion lesion in theleft side of the thyroid isthmus."


I also have other nodules present but were not considered abnormal..


Does anyone have any insight as to what these findings could indicate? I have a doctors appointment to folllow up on these and my doctor did mention scheduling a FNA biopsy?
I would appreciate any input! Thanks!!