Strictures, Inflamed colons, Obstructions, Just can't go?

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Okay, before I start, I have to warn whoever's reading this that some people might find this post a little graphic. I'm not shy talking about bodily functions, so beware!

I, like many of us, have had a myriad of problems going to the bathroom even half-way normally since our GI issues started. For me it started with the tumor blocking everything back in 2005/06, then when it was removed, an anastomotic stricture developed that wasn't much different from having the tumor!

After many dilations and adjustments to my diet, I found that some things worked better than others, but I would still get backed up and have horrendous abdominal pains until my body was able to expel the back-up. Probiotics helped, and I discovered that gluten caused severe bowel inflammation, but the problems never completely went away.

I couldn't help but be jealous when people bragged about having a healthy poo that felt good. I couldn't even remember what a healthy poo looked like, let alone felt like!

About four weeks ago, out of the blue, I had what I think might be a healthy poo. It felt like something had broken through the stricture all at once, and when I looked, there was a 7" LONG BM, with about an inch diameter. I was shocked!

It started happening more regularly within the next couple of weeks, and though it feels weird when it happens, and it doesn't happen all the time, something has definitely changed.

The only thing that's different in my life is I started taking phentermine, chondroitin, and B-12 injections under a doctor's supervision for weight loss a couple of months ago. I've had phentermine before and it didn't cause anything like this. I don't think it's the chondroitin, either. I think it might be the B-12 injections. I've stopped the phentermine and chondroitin, so if I continue on this path, I will know if it's the shots that I'll continue to get weekly. I'll let everyone know how it goes. This could be a big break-through for those of us with such severe bathroom issues.

Has anyone else taken these shots? Did you notice anything different with your bathroom issues?






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    I had b12 injections for six months

    But it never really made much difference. It is a pain when you constantly have to plan your life around bathroom issues. I am irregular at the best of times and when I was on targin (oxycodone//naloxone) for two years I was on two dulcolax and four coloxyl daily. I have been off the targin for 9 monthhs but I still need to take two coloxyl a day for constipation. I am starting to become concerned that my severe neuropathy is starting to impact on my organs including my colon. Apparently that is not uncommon.Ron.

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    Dr. Oz approved bowel movements

    I know what you mean about looking in the loo (everybody should do it) and seeing a 'normal' poo. I remember watching a Dr. Oz program where he said is should be smooth and S shaped. Now when I get one of those, I tell my husband I had a Dr. Oz approved BM. 

    Graphic is what we do here, so no need to apologise. 

    My bowels have been crazy this week. seven a day for the last few days (small number for some of you, I know), and my poor anus throbs and throbs. It is not a happy bum. And then this morning, I took a tumble, face first into a Sagebrush. I hurt everything from my face to my ankels. Not a good few days here. HA! 

    I am very VERY happy to hear that something has changed, and for the better. May you figure out what it is, and continue having these wonderful bowel movements. Happy Days! 


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    Thanks Sue and Ron!

    I hope I do figure out what it is. Ron said the shots didn't help him any, but my problems stem mostly from the stricture, so it could be the injections are just helping to relax it.

    My bathroom visits used to be upwards of thirty times per day, and that number still comes and goes depending on how backed up I am. Typical for me is about ten-fifteen times, I'd say. I sure understand about the sore bum issues. I have to use baby wipes to clean myself. Toilet paper hasn't worked for number 2 since the cancer journey began. The wipes help a lot in preventing soreness; especially the aloe vera ones. When it gets to a point where it's just too sore to use anything, I climb into the shower to clean. It's definitely not an easy problem to have, but like you said, some people have it much worse.

    Ron, I'm so sorry your neuropathy is so out of control. It's the same path I fear I might be on. It's been getting progressively worse over the years, but thankfully most of it is in my limbs, and not my torso. There's a laser therapy that I investigated a couple of years ago that appeared to reverse nerve damage. I can't remember the name of the company that uses it, but it's all private and VERY expensive. I don't know if they offer it where you are, but try googling laser therapy for neuropahty and see what you can dig up.